Deeds 9-1-15 to 9-4-15

Larry Cowles as Executor and Jimmie N Cowles Estate to Jimmie Ross Cowles, property in N Franklin Moble Home Estates, $8,000; 

Larry D Turner Sr., Larry D Turner same person as Larry Douglas Turner to Larry D Turner, Jr. and Lisa L Turner, Lots 24-25 of Sunnyfield Subdivision, $65,000; 

Franklin Affordable Housing Corporation, INC, to Housing Authority Franklin, property on Orange Street near Lemon Street, $15,000;

Patty Morris as Trustee and Patty Morris Living Trust to Josie Montminy, Lot 44 Fox Chase Subdivision, $195,000;

Rushing Properties, LLC, to Justin R Hamm and Chaley Hamm, Lot 39 Cottage Grove Subdivision, $125,000;

Margie Ann Robinson Living Trust, Margie Ann Robinson as Trustee to Margie Chappell, Lot 71 Cambridge Tract Subdivision, $175,000; 

Jada Brown to Mason W Otto and Jennifer Lynn Otto, Lot 31 Sherwood Terrace Revised, $96,250;

Mark A Ausbrooks and Carol Ausbrooks to Deborah L Criswell and Robert Criswell, Lot 25 Millwood Estates Subdivision, $87,500;

Nancy G Childress and Julianna C Jepson as POA to Teresa G Mayes as Trustee, Lot 6 Oaklands Heights Subdivision, $0;

Teresa G Mayes as Trustee to Jama G Jepson, Nancy G Childress and Julianna Jepson as POA, Lot 6 Oaklands Heights Subdivision, $0;

Franklin Community Church, LLC, and Franklin Church Holdings, LLC, to Freddy Morris as Trustee, Tom Taylor as Trustee, Franklin Community Church of Franklin, Kentucky, 3.0 acres on Blackjack Road, $265,000;

Kocolene Marketing, LLC, to Keystops, LLC, 0.74 acres on Highway 31W, $127,200;

Fay Neal, Jr., and Sonya Neal same person as Sonya Trigg to Christina Renea Gladdish and Charles E Moore, 1.42 acres on Cedar Bluff Road, $199,000;

Karen A Chann and Nick Chann to John Royce Sanford, Jr., and Bethany F. Sanford, two tracts in Simpson County, $187,000;

Thomas E Dennard and Rebecca C Dennard to Ricky William Turner, 15.15 acres on Johns Loop Road, $106,000; 

Robert Be Fuller and Marla Y Fuller to Sarah B Fuller, Lot 9 Kendal Heights Subdivision, $0;

Marla Y Fuller, Robert B Fuller and Sarah B Fuller to Debra S Hunt as Trustee, Lot 9 Kendal Heights Subdivision, $0;

Debra S Hunt as Trustee to Robert B Fuller and Marla Y Fuller, Lot 9 Kendal Heights Subdivision, $0;

Charles Deweese Construction INC to Commonwealth of Kentucky, three tracts near KY 100 and Gregory Road, $78,300;

Phyllis May and Jerry May to Ronnie Lee Minnicks and Laura Minnicks, three tracts in Simpson County, $110,000;

Ronnie L Minnicks and Laura Minnicks to John Edward Minnicks, property in Simpson County, $40,000;

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