Deeds 1-11-16 to 1-15-16

Gregory Cosgrove and Tammy Cosgrove to Richard Malchetske and Connie Malchetske, property located at 201 Crow Avenue, $100,000; 

Virginia Walters to Clinton Dale Walters, Lot 10 of Eleanor Harris Billingslea Subdivision, $0; 

Joe Brown and Dorothy Brown to Lloyd G. Abney, Jr., property with one acre located on KY Highway 1171, $130,000;

Jerry W. Jones and Jewell Jones to County of Simpson, property on Water Street, $125,000;

Charles K. Jackson and Grace M. Jackson to Mark Monnier, property on Jefferson Street, $42,000;

Sadie V. Taylor to Sarah Hardin, Phyllis Hall, Doretha Downey, Rita Key, Paula Sweeney, Sharlette Holcomb, Terry Holcomb, Priscilla Holcomb and Muhammed Patrick Earl Holcomb, property on West Washington Street, $0;

Beverly Andrews and Hal D. Andrews to Lorene Cotton, property with one acre on Roark Road, $285,000;

1-18-16 to 1-22-16

Carl B. Hale and Brandy J. Hale to Joshua D. Hollis and Amanda E. Hollis, tract of land on KY Highway 1171, $155,500;

Elizabeth Ann Mock as Executrix, Angela Marie Vantrease Estate and Angela M. Mincy Estate to Charles R. White, property located at Lot 28 in Sherwood Terrace Subdivision, $57,000;

Gwendolyn W. Griffin same person as Gwendolyn W. Sarver to Fred C. Brown, Jr. and Cathy Miller Brown, Lot 39 Country Club Estates, $95,000;

Michael D. Jones and Rosemary Jones to Craig A. Hansen, property with 1.865 acres on Salmons BlackJack Road, $125,600; 

Elizabeth Marie Dalton to Ryan M. Hendrick and Charlotte Faye Hendrick, property on Blue Door Church Road, $22,000;

Vermont Thread Gage, LLC, to Stan Battat, property with four acres located on the East Side of Reasonover Drive, $415,000;

Lindell Wade Perry and Tabitha Perry to David C. Cline and Teena J. Cline, tract of land with 33.572 acres on Oliver Road, $500,000;

Kathy Goodrum, Anna P. Hunter Estate, James Rex Goodrum, Jr., James Goodrum III, Tori Goodrum and Ben Goodrum to 2C Investments, LLC and Donald White, Lot 2 Anna Pearl Hunter Minor Subdivision, $16,000;

1-25-16 to 1-29-16

James A. Smith and Karen J. Smith to Walter E. York and Debbie W. York samer person as Deborah W. York, property on South Main Street, $750,000;

Betty Jean Thurman to Myron Thurman and Jeanne Thurman, 13.62 acres on Duers Mill Road, $0;

Douglas Nealy to John H. Rushing and Karen S. Rushing, tract of land 4.523 acres on Charlie Butts Road, $18,092;

John H. Rushing and Karen S. Rushing to Debra S. Hunt as Trustee, three parcels on Charlie Butts Road, $0;

Debra S. Hunt as Trustee to John H. Rushing and Karen S. Rushing, three parcels on Charlie Butts Road, $0; 

David D. Jeffers and Vickie J. Jeffers same person as Vickie J. Mayhew to Commonwealth of Kentucky and Transportation Cabinet, four tracts alongside KY 100, $244,000;

Alesia Fischer same person as Alesia Wright and Steve Fischer to BDG Investments, LLC, property on Uhls Road, $34,000;

Wendell Garmon and Ginger Farmer to Roy A. Flowers and Deborah L. Flowers, property with two tracts located at 883 BlackJack Road, $85,000;

Will Ed Jones to Larry Collins, property with 23 acres on Steele Road, $241,500;

Bobby Lewis Meador same person as Bobby Meador and Margaret Meador to Mark Douglas and Robin Douglas, multiple tracts Warren and Simpson County Property, $262,419.36;

Selena Johnson House, Clayton House, Daren Lawrence Johnson, Bethann Johnson Dean Carter Johnson, Darla Jean Johnson, Darla Oglesby and Cheyenne Oglesby to Roberty E. Groves and Carolyn Groves, property with five acres in Simpson County, $39,000;

Robert L. Alford and Stephanie Jo Alford to Teresa G. Mayes as Trustee, property on Morgantown Road, $0;

Teresa G. Mayes as Trustee to Robert L. Alford and Stephanie Jo Alford, property on Morgantown Road, $0;

Bryan Mann and Shalee Mann to Justin Alan Bristow, property with 4.114 acres on KY Highway 100, $140,000;

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