Deeds 9-7-15 to 9-11-15

Donald Walters and Gail Walters to James D. Randolph, property with 1.48 acres on KY Highway 816, $149,000;

Adam Boca and Kelly Boca to Dan E. Tant, Jr., and Elizabeth J. Tant, property located at 429 West Cedar Street, $128,400;

Fred Greene to Kathy Siske, Lot 62 on Whitten Street, $5,000;

Martha Evaline Mahan, Mark W Mahan, Dora Dunn as POA, Faye Buttermore and Martin Buttermore to Julie D. Traughber and Nickey D. Traughber, property on West Cedar Street, $127,400;

James Sommer and Sharon Diamond to Thomas Eugene Neal and Amanda Kay Neal, property located at 463 Spout Spring Road, $250,000.

9-14-15 to 9-18-15 

Ambassador Properties, LLC, to Shawn Wessel and Bethany Wessel, property located at 511 Sunset Circle, $105,000; 

US Bank Trust N A as Trustee, LSF8 Master Participation Trust and Caliber Home Loans, INC as POA to MNWK Holdings, LLC, 1.61 acres on BlackJack Road, $65,000;

Stephen W. Petri and Bonita L. Petri to Vera M. Estes and Debra D. Strickland, property on Highway 31W with 0.57 acres, $112,500; 

David J. Jandt and Jeanne M. Jandt to Robert R. Bunton, property located at 213 Scotland Ave, $92,000;

Lanny Ray Hester, Lanny Hester and Paula Lee Hester to Elizabeth Lunsford and Chase Lunsford, two parcels near Harris Road, $275,000;

Bank of America NA, BAC Home Loans Servicing, LP, Countrywide Home Loans Servicing, LP to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, property located at 719 Sherwood Drive, $0;

Marianne E. Madron and Stephen Chao to Marry A. Finn, Lot 1 Hillcrest Subdivision, $0;

Rosemary Caudill to Allan Brown, Lot 1 Rosemary Caudill Minor Subdivision, $265,000;

Whitetail Properties, LLC, to Kelly R. Robertson, property located at 342 Henson Road with one acre, $71,500;

Bryan K. Vice and Melinda K. Vice to Gregory J. Hamilton, property in Holly Hills Subdivision, $131, 500;

Lanny W. Spears and Helen M. Spears to Jessica T. Eaton, Lot 20 E S Robey Subdivision, $65,900;

Michael W. Graves and Amy G. Graves to Erica R. Small and Stephen Small, Lot 3 E S Robey Subdivision, $94,000;

John W Gregory II and Jennifer Gregory to Robert Young Link as Trustee, 2.384 acres on Gregory Road, $0;

Dan Antle and Daniel Lynn Antle to Daniel Lynn Antle Revocable Trust, Mapleview Addition, $0.

9-21-15 to 9-25-15

Rushing Properties, LLC, to David J. Harper and Theresa L. Harper, Lot 1 Cottage Grove Subdivision, $135,500;

Douglas F. Cummings and Trina K. Cummings to Doug Wims, Lot 60 Westview Heights, $100,000.

Timothy Ray Brewster, Linda Brewster, Jacqueline Meadors, Roger Meadors and Dean Loyd Grant III to Floyd Brewster, Lot 60 Westview Heights, $0;

Floyd Brewster to Stephen Purkerson and Dana Purkerson, property on US Highway 31W, $15,000;

Helen Creasy to Hubert F. Creasy and Patricia L. Creasy, property on US Highway 31W, $0;

Jerry Grace to Jason Christopher Graves and Tara Graves, 1.00 acres on Oliver Road, $25,500;

Judy Perry and Judy M Perry to Richard M Perry and Laura Perry, three acres on Temperance Road, $0;

Sue Baird King to Brad Cook, Pamela Cook, Justin Merritt and Jana Merritt, multiple parcels in Simpson County, $350,000; 

Allan Brown to Jeffrey Howard and Robin Howard, one acre on Roark Road, $140,000

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