Deeds 7-6-15 to 7-10-15

Gregory D. Johns and Michelle R. Johns to David Harrell and Audrey Harrell, Lot 32 Quail Ridge Subdivision, $45,000;

William Cropper and Carol Jean Cropper same person as Carol Cropper to Jammey Bryant and Delana Bryant, two parcels, one near John Rich Lane, one near Sloss Road, $141,900;

Jennifer L. Delk and Brian Delk to Homer Nathan Thompson and Mary J. Thompson, Lot 18 Fox Chase Subdivision, $222,000;

Donald I. Pickering, Jr., to Jonathon Herndon and Kristen Herndon, property on Barnes School Road with 15.943 acres, $63,772;

Patrick H. Hardesty to Ashley Overling, property located at 821 Spears Avenue, $73,000; 

David Vaughn to Ryan Joiner and Heather Stout, Tract II David Vaughn Minor Subdivision, $33,000;

Timothy Brent Crabtree and Tara P. Crabtree to County of Simpson, property on east side of North High Street, $100,000;

George O. Crabtree, Sr., and Anita Carolyn Crabtree to County of Simpson, property on West Washington Street, $350,000;

James A. Manning and Gail H. Manning to James A. Manning as Co TRUSTEE, Gail H. Manning as Co TRUSTEE, James A. Manning and Gail H. Manning Revocable Trust, Multiple Trust, $0; 

Patricia Robinson to Ryan Joiner and Heather Stout, Tract 2 Patricia Robinson Minor Subdivision, $37,500;

Patricia Robinson to Jason C. Moss and Laura Moss, property located on the south side of Springfield Road, $205,000;

Deeds 7-13-15 to 7-17-2015

Max L. Doty same person as Max Doty to Andrea H. Higginbotham and Nikolaj P. Prychodko III, two parcels, Lot No. 3 of Oak Hills Subdivision and Lot No. VI of Oak Hills Subdivision, $224,000;

Lori Dutton same person as Lori Rogers Dutton, Doug Griffin, Sharon Griffin and Garland Douglas Griffin III, to Lisa G. Moore, property located at 220 Johnson Street, $40,000;

Jeffrey T. Moore and Lisa G. Moore to David Cummins as Trustee, property located at 220 Johnson Street, $0;

David Cummins as Trustee to Lisa G. Moore and Jeffrey T. Moore, property located at 220 Johnson Street, $0;

Joseph C. Jones to Benjamin W. Satterly, Lot 4 of Loving Chapel Subdivision, $0;

Kenneth Korpi and Hilda Korpi to Patricia Ann Story and William E. Story, Teresa L. Story, Perry W. Story, two parcels, one on east side of KY HWY 100 No. 622, one on east side of KY HWY No. 62, $335,000; 

Bryan Clark and Robin Clark to Roger A. Solomon and Shanna G. Solomon, one acre on Dinwiddie Road, $11,500;

Raymond Louis Mann to Randy Mann and Anne Mann, 1.70 acres on C Mann Road, $0; 

Karen E. Kemp Revocable Trust and Karen E. Kemp as Trustee to Commonwealth of Kentucky, property with 0.450 acres located at the intersection of KY 100 and Loving Chapel Road, $10,000;

Daniel Barron and Nina J. Barron to Kelvin Young and Donna Young, property on US HWY 31W with 1.948 acres, $163,900;

See Deeds/Page A6

Scott Hall as Executor and Jennie Mae Delk Estate to Ginger P. Farmer and Wendell Garmon, property on Blackjack Road with 6.57 acres, $74,900;

Stephen E. Deweese and Amanda M. Deweese to Stephen C Kirby and Hanna Jo Kirby, property with 5.001 acres on Hickory Flat Road, $30,000;

Simpson County Storage, LLC, to SMP Properties, LLC, property with 3.45 acres on Bluegrass Road, $48,000;

Danny Rippy and Patricia Rippy to Commonwealth of Kentucky and Transportation Cabinet, two parcels located near KY 100, $15,500;

Deeds 7-20-15 to 7-24-15

Linda Adams to Christopher Leptinsky and Jennifer Leptinsky, two parcels, Lot 13 of Willows Subdivision and Lot 14 of Willows Subdivision, $190,000;

Gary Douglas Graves to Anthony Bills, Lot 10 Green Acres Subdivision, $50,000;

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