12-14-2015 to 12-18-2015

Linda Wagner and Kevin Wagner to David Cummins as Trustee, property on Western Drive, $0; 

Margaret Perry Reece to Sara Ellen Howard and Chad B. Howard, property located 813 Spear Ave., $87,000;

Melissa Myers formally known as Melissa Rich, Joe S. Myers, Shirley Ann Mannis, Leatha Louise Barber, Ronnie Blankenship to S and A Investments, INC, property on Peach Street, $38,000;

LPJ Enterprises, LLC, to Electric Plant Board of the City of Franklin, two tracts in Simpson County, $320,000;

David B. Neely and Joy L. Neely to Joe B. Neely and Deanna P. Neely, property with 5.90 acres on Neely Road, $0;

John Eric Stamps and Alecia E. Stamps to Johnny Stamps and Rebecca Stamps, Lot 12 Forshee Subdivision, $50,000;

Mai J. Radcliff Estate, John V. Radcliff, Jr., as Co-Executor to Ambassador Properties, LLC, property located at 506 Hedgewood Drive, $50,000;

Pamela Gay Byrd, Billy D. Byrd, Timothy Dean Britt and Deana Britt to Clayton M. Britt and Amanda R. Britt, property with 1.65 acres on Rapids Road, total in consideration of $92,000;

12-21-2015 to 12-23-2015

John T. Goodhue and Sandra K. Goodhue to Troy D. Beach and Amy W. Beach, property with 30 acres located at 2052 Pilot Knob Road, $270,000;

Paul B. Thomas and Thressia Diann Thomas to Cody M. Schuler and Amber N. Schuler, Lot 23 Highlands Subdivision, $173,900;

Daniel C. Law and Jillian Law to Emilio C. Lorenzo, Lot 52 Country Club Estates, $145,750;

Jenny R. Young and Christopher K. Young to Bret Huse, 4.194 acres in Simpson County, $58,000;

Franklin Properties, Wayne Dean as Partner, James Ronald Mantlo as Partner, Roy Reasonover as Partner and Franklin Properties of Simpson County to Goodrum Pallet, LLC, property on Kentucky Route 1008, $175,000;

Richard K. Hunt as Co-Trustee, J. Leslie Hunt as Co-Trustree, Ada Kleinstarink Hunt Revocable Trust, Ada Kleinstarink Hunt Estate to Richard K. Hunt and Leslie J. Hunt, property in Highlands Subdivision, $0;

North Main Holdings, LLC, to Akins Construction, INC, property on North Main Street, $186,000;

E R Gregory Testamentary Trust and Dan Gregory as Co-Trustee to Roan, LLC, two parcels, one business or store and lot on Main Street, one business or store lot fronting Main Street, $111,280;

Kenneth Stuart to Ronald R. Willingham and Jill Willingham, Shaker property with one acre, $43,800;

Mai Jewell Radcliff Estate, John V. Radcliff as Co-Executor and Julie Gregory as Co-Executor to Billy Sneed and Leeann Sneed, property located on East Madison Street, $17,500;

Kristine M. Ortiz and Michael Ortiz to Randal L. Ecker and Joanne M. Ecker, Lot 7 of Highland Subdivision on the West side of Rainbow Drive, $103,500;

Donna Herndon and Dean Herndon to Jonathan Herndon and Kristen Herndon, tract of land with 6.448 acres on US 31W Highway, $0;

Franklin-Simpson Industrial Authority to Hunt Ford, INC, Lots 2-3 Franklin Simpson Industrial BOA, $622,500;

12-28-2015 to 12-31-2015

Jennifer Higgins to Christopher D. Malo and Tyler Malo, two parcels in Simpson County, $152,500; 

Clarence Ray Kirby and Lorna Gay Kirby to Steven R. Kirby and Denisha J. Kirby, property on Salmons Blackjack Road, $0;

Virginia L. Walters to Chad M. Ford and Laura Ford, tract of land with 21.47 acres on US Highway 31W, $0;

PBL Properties, LLC, to Judy A. Jones and Michael W. Jones, tract of land D S Henry Addition, $40,000;

1-4-2015 to 1-8-2015

Franklin Bank and Trust Company to Charles Weldon Deweese and Penny Deweese, property with two tracts on KY 100, $130,000;

Ronald Durham, Shelia Durham, Stephanie Loveall, Jeremy Loveall, Courtney Wayne Durham, Beth Durham, Amberly Kell and Derek Kell to Shelby N. Deweese, property located at 700 Simpson St., $79,000;

David W. Duncan, Sr. and Caryn Duncan to Terry R. Cornell and Linda Cornell, Lot 12 Willeby Park Subdivision, $94,000;

Davenport Developing, LLC, to Dusty Ray Glass and Jody L Glass, property on East Madison Street, $140,000;

Habitat for Humanity of Simpson County, INC, to Catherine Johnson, property located at 608 Emilin Lane, $90,000;

Don C Rowland and Sue Rowland to Donna Sue Cherry, John Clark Rowland and Elizabeth Rowland Kirkpatrick, tract of land on South High Street, $0;

Turner Farms Real Estate, LLC, to MNWK Holdings, LLC, Lot 16 and Lot 23 of North Hills Subdivision, $61,000;

Turner Farms Real Estate, LLC, to MNWK Holdings, LLC, Lot 3 of North Hills Subdivision, $61,000;

Turner Farms Real Estate, LLC, to MNWK Holdings, LLC, Lot 7 of North Hills Subdivision, $61,000

Pearls Properties of Franklin, LLC, to Wendell Stewart and Tracey Stewart, Lot 12 Southgate Park, $18,000;

Kaja Holdings 2, LLC, to Tyler Hubarth, Lots 17, 18, 19 of J Lee Moore Subdivision, $36,500;


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