Cory Daniel Ausbrooks to Tammy L Cardwell, property on Liberty Street, $140,000;

Eric Wallace to John M Alexander Jr. and Sylviann Alexander, Lot 29 Willows Development, $188,000;

Mike Wilson and Brandy Wilson to Robert J Wilson and Shea Alexandra Wilson, property on Kentucky Highway 383, $215,000;

Robert C Gomer and Hallie S Gomer to Tobias Elimelec Ochoa Rodriguez, property on North Main Street, $75,000;

Robert Jordan Wilson and Shea Alexandra Wilson to Dillion M Huffine and Brandi Faith Huffine, property on Chaney Road, $168,000;

Ruth Marlene Neff to Stephen C Johnson, property on Simpson County, $129,000;

Donald J White and Teresa M White to Justin R Mays and Leslie A Forshee, property on Gold city Road, $125,500;

Richie A Sanders Jr. and Leslie Goff Sanders to Stephen Everette Deweese, property on Witt Road, $50,000;

Anne F Morrison to Bobby Ray Frey and Markitta Diane Frey, property on ME Johnson Subdivision, $51,125;

Wendell Lee Garmon to S3 Properties LLC, property on North Railroad Street, $63,000;

Jesse Thomas Jepson and Connie Caudill Jepson to David Richard Hoffman and Susan Margaret Hoffman, property on Robey Bethel Grove Road, Neely Road and Young Road, $398,475;

Tracie Sue Marlow and Thomas Marlow to Dusenge Daniel, Lot 3 Rolling Hills Subdivision, $155,500;

SAM Holdings LLC to Vancel Presley and Wayne Pryor, property on Akin Avenue, $125,000;

Tharon Taylor and Peggy Taylor to Horizon Properties LLC, lots 43 and 44 Mapleview Subdivision, $71,000;

Cynthia Ann Phillips, Randy Phillips, Donna Jill Cheatham and Lowell Cheatham to Caliber contracting LLC, property on West Kentucky Avenue, $10,000;

Cynthia Ann Phillips, Randy Phillips, Donna Jill Cheatham and Lowell Cheatham to Lanny Wayne Spears and Helen Marie Spears, property on South Main Street, $55,000;

Michael Halem McCloud to Richette McCabe Crunk, Lots 7 and 8 North Pointe Subdivision, $315,000;

John Wesley Hack, Borothy Gene Hack, Emily M Gheyssens, f/k/a Emily Marie Mendel, as power of attorney to Michael Okeefe and Donna Okeefe, Lot 5 North Pointe Subdivision, $245,000;

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Steve Clark and Angela M Clark, property on Simpson County, $45,000;

William Oneal Crunk, same person as Bill Crunk and Richette McCabe Crunk, same person as Richette Crunk to Douglas Wayne McGowan, property on Chaney Road, $215,000;

James Donald Hodges and Joan S Hodges to Kelly M Snow and Bret E Snow, property on Witt Road, $0;

Mark A Freeman and Julie Freeman to Daniel B Uhls and Brenda L Uhls, property on Blackjack Road, $45,000;

Billy Hudson, Jan Hudson, Jean Clark and Bill Hudson as Trustee of the J B Clark Testamentary Trust to CP Holdings and Investments LLC, property in Simpson County, $14,720;

Patty Staples and Harold Staples to Marcus Brent Staples II, property on Kentucky Highway, $0;

Vivian Hubble and Danny Hubble to William K Underwood and Jill Underwood, property in Simpson County, $320,000;

Stacey Lynne Watkins and Scott Allen Watkins to Wade L Perry, two parcels of land on Nashville Road, $55,000;

Charles Ronald Creek to Lloyd A Chandler and Paulette T Chandler, property on Williams Road, $5,000;

Lesan Huang and Alice T Huang to Holloway Investments LLC, property on Western Kentucky Avenue, $420,000;

Randy R Barrett and Amy R Barrett to Robert Dunn, property on Russellville Road, $140,000;

Highland Portland LLC to TRPF 1165 Vaughn Parkway LLC, property in Simpson County, $28,000;

J Trapper construction LLC to Jason Tyler May, Lot 63 Willows Development, $154,000;

Mary Carol Katzel, trustee of the Mary Carol Katzel Revocable Trust under Declaration of trust by Mary Carol Katzel to Alisha N Johnson, property on US Highway 31W, $75,000;

Robert G May and Deanna L May to BDG Investments LLC, property on Macedonia Road, $14,000;

Richard T Webb and Mellody Webb to Richard T Morehouse, DBA Morehouse Ranch, property on Pleasant Hill Road, $82,000;

BDG Investments LLC to Paticia Lynn Creasy, Lot 1 Willow Subdivision, $107,500.

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