1/6/2020 to 2/7/2020Wayne N Smith and Steven Elliott to Cora Harwood and Jordan Harwood, two tracts of land in Simpson County, $200,000;

Lanny Wayne Spears and Helen Marie Spears to Jimmy England, JH England and Louise England, two tracts of land in Ghent Property, $145,000;

Lula Mae Konow and Joe Konow as power of attorney to Horace John Quesinberry and Terri Quesinberry, Lot 32 Westview Heights, $162,000;

Flynn Edward Warden and Rhonda Jean Warden to Scott A Hall and Tamera Hall, property on Macedonia road, $139,500;

Betty Gun Ditmore to the County of Simpson, tract one on Kentucky Avenue and tract two on the corner of North Water Street and East Kentucky Avenue, $165,000;

Joyce Lee Savage to Sierra Jaynese Savage, property on Brick Street, $0;

Joyce Avo Cline, same person as Joyce Cline, and Harold Dean Cline to Aaron Ray Vanmeter, Lot 10 M. E. Johnson Subdivision, $79,000;

Mission of Faith Church, by and through its sole trustee, Pasty M Hurt, to J E Holland Properties LLC, property in Simpson County, $36,200;

David Burgett and Nikolette Marie Burgett to Tricia Williams and Glen Root, property on Salmons Blackjack Road, $105,000;

Cheryl D Kearney and Marvin L Kearney to Summers Manning Farm LLC, two tracts on Johns Loop Road, $3,000;

Ricky Gearlds and Rhonda Gearlds to Kristen Nicole Kizer and Sylvia Mangrum Kizer, property on Mark Street, $130,900;

Quicken Loans Inc. to Secretary of Housing and urban Development, property on Kentucky Avenue, $10;

Abigail Truth Estes to Gavin Mayeur, property in Simpson County, $20,000 and $47,000;

Mieten LLC to JJP Investments LLC, Lot 8 Millwood Estate Subdivision, $94,000;

Leona Mae Kramer, successor trustee and her successors in trust of the Alvin Kramer Revocable Living Trust, its successors and assigns and Leona Mae Kramer, trustee and her successors in trust of the Leona Mae Kramer Revocable Living Trust, property on Middleton-Auburn Road, $0;

Timothy L Russell to Spencer Lee Hogin and Leslie N Hogin, Lot 80 Briarwood Village Subdivision, $39,649.24;

Tracey Steenbergen, now known as Tracey Malone, to Harley Rae Merritt, Lot14 Willeby Park Subdivision, $170,000;

Richie A Sanders Jr. and Leslie Goff Sanders to mark Andrews and Cindy Andrews, property on Witt Road, $55,110;

Sarah Lynn Rust to Jimmy L Gettings and Margaret E Gettings, Lot 10 Willow Land Subdivision, $554,463.05;

KAC Investments LLC to David Joseph Evans and Penelope Shortridge Evans, tract 4 Minor Subdivision, $177,500;

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Swift Rentals LLC, property in Simpson County, $75,000;

Franklin M Ellis and Jennifer E Ellis to Scott A Brown and Amanda B Brown, Lot 96 Huntington Park Subdivision, $33,000;

Trade Winds Properties LLC to Albert Drake, property on Roosevelt Street, $42,000;

Albert Drake to Rigel Jan Simpson, property on Roosevelt Street, $62,500;

Charles Weldon Deweese and Penny A Deweese to Manuel a Melendez and Karen S Melendez, Lot 24 White Oak Acres Subdivision, $160,000;

Charles Weldon Deweese, Penny Ann Deweese, Emma Jean Kirby, Rob Kirby Jr., Paula Moore Kirby, Karol Kirby Ahmed and Waquar Ahmed to Coco LLC, property on Trotter Lane, $100,000;

Philip Anthony Wentz, Candy M Wentz and Deborah Unita Coburn to Clifton s Boyd and Rachael D May, property on Martha Oliver Road, $134,000;

James E Mann and Vickie C Mann to Timothy Ray Stocks, Lot 2Minor Subdivision, $25,000;

Eunice T MacRae to Richard Lee Fiss and Beth Anne Fiss, property on Hack Brown Road, $55,000;

Donald Leon Rippy and Amy Claudene Wheeler to Danny William Rippy and Patricia Ann Rippy, property on Kentucky Avenue, $18,000;

Premium Services LLC to 777 Enterprises LLC, property on Kentucky Highway 1008, $471,777;

Stephen J Maloney and Sharon L Maloney to Thomas William Cozzy Sr., Regina Mary Cozzy, Thomas William Cozzy Jr. and Doris Mary Cozzy, two tracts of land in Simpson County, $247,500;

Joseph Gomez and Lauren Taylor Gomez to Krista Anne Lane, Lot 3 Loving Chapel heights Subdivision, $172,500;

J Trapper Construction LLC to Calvin S Thornton, Lot66 Willows Development, $158,400;

Deena Brooks to Amanda M Hamblin, property on York Street, $105,000;

JAB Holdings LLC to JAAB Holdings LLC, Lot 177 Williamsburg Park Subdivision, $38,500;

Justin R Hamm and Chaley Hamm to Cannon Properties LLC to Lot 39 Cottage Grove Subdivision, $139,000;

Rushing Builders INC to Victor Lynn Huntsman, Lot 19 Windsor Park Subdivision, $161,000;

Nedal Abdulhassein Kadem, same person as Nedal Kadem and Hashem Mohammed Alzayadi to Robert Young Link as Trustee, property on West Kentucky Avenue, $0;

Robert Young Link as Trustee to Nedal Abdulhassein Kadem and Hashem Mohammed Alzayadi, property on West Kentucky Avenue, $0;

Rushing Builders Inc. to Stephen Swarner and Brittany Swarner, Lot 21 Windsor Park Subdivision, $163,900;

Laura Black Cook, Betsy Black Mallory and Darrell Curtis Mallory to Ronald D Black and Nancy Carol Black, five tracts of land in Simpson County, $0;

Red Rock Partners LLC to Kelley Storage INC, Lot 1 Red Rock Partners LLC Property, $0;

Glass Innovations LLC to Franklin Mark Ellis and Jennifer Elizabeth Ellis, Lot 26 Willows Development, $186,500;

Bowen Tire Company to Bowen Tire & Auto Repair Franklin Inc., property on US 31W South, $0;

JJEM Properties to Bugbee Land Trust, property on US RT 31 W, $250,000;

Troy Tims to Connie Tims, property on Drake Road, $0;

Jonathan B Beard to Devin Austin Alford, Lot 32 County Estates Subdivision, $140,000;

KAC Investment LLC to John Hunter Bowen, Tract 3 KAC Investment Property, $10,000;

Lexington Place LLC to Marilyn L Johnson, Lot 38 Lexington Place Subdivision, $189,000,

AMB Properties LLC to Cory W Cambron, Lot 37 Windsor Park Subdivision, $168,000;

CDH Holding Inc. to Katie Alyssa Adams, Lot 30 Willows Development, $185, 000;

Robert E Graves and Helen S Graves to Richard Little and Michele Little, property on Main Street, $162,500;

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