4/13/2020 to 4/17/2020

Robert C Gomer and Hallie S Gomer to JH Bowen Properties LLC, property on Strawberry Lane, $75,000;

Marvin R Hundall to BEA Properties LLC, property on North High Street, $3,500;

Sandy Hall Graves and Charles Steve Graves to Kenneth Michael Hall, property on HC Smith Road, $0;

Kenneth Michael Hall and Laren Nichole Ottersback Hall to David P Marlin and Pamela R Marlin, property on HC Smith Road, $54,900;

Nathanael J Kramer to Terry David Hawk and Bethany S Hawk, property in Simpson County, $155,500;

John M Bender to Justen T Briley, property on Hobdy Road, $132,000;

Rushing Builders Inc, to Deven L Button, Lot 8 Windsor Park Subdivision, $160,000;

Whitetail Properties LLC to DK&L Real Estate Trust, Lot 2 Whitetail Grove Subdivision, $30,000;

Lexington Place LLC, by its member Developing Partners II LLC to Akins Construction Inc., Lot 4 Lexington Place Subdivision, $38,500;

Estate of Barbara Jo Shelton to Thomas E Ford, Lot 48 Westwood Subdivision, $80,000;

Alexis D Long to Rebecca N Campbell and Christopher Cody Whitefield, Lot 36 Sherwood Terrace REvised, $129,900;

STJ Enterprises Inc. to Trade Winds Properties LLC, property on Brevard Avenue, $31,000;

Cozy Homes LLC to Jeffrey T Clouse and Jeannieann Spivey Clouse, property in Simpson County, $70,000;

Garden Square to Garden square Apartments LLC, property on US Highway 31W, $318,000;

James C West and Juandaline West to James Proffitt, property in Simpson County, $155,000;

Dennis Ross Uhles to Luke E Groves, two tracts of land in Simpson County, $115,000.

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