3/9/2020 to 3/13/2020SMP Properties LLC to Rushing Builders Inc., Lot 48 and 49 Willows Development, $65,000;

Sandra Barton to Dustin H Barton, Lots 42 and 43 J Lee Moore Subdivision, $0;

Raysa M Santana, same person as Raysa M Santa Espinal, Yrvania M Espinal De Santana and Jose G Santana, Lot 3 Westwood Subdivision, $136,5000;

Alex D Washington and Amanda L Washington, Lot 20 Sherwood Terrace Revised, $180,000;

Anthony W Thornton and Elizabeth C Thornton to J&P Balance Farms LLLP, property on Milliken Chapel Road, $300,000;

Sandra Carol Smith to Bonnie Sue Hall, Lot 77 Briarwood Subdivision, $15,000;

Peter W Sekora and Marschelle E Sekora to David Tarter, property on Harris Road, $115,000;

Janet Irene Hatch to Emer Alan Hatch, Lot 22 Cottage Grove Subdivision, $0;

Michael Douglas Carter, same person as Michael D Carter, to Bonnie Jean Swayze and Bruce Andrew Swayze, property in Michael Carter Property, $3,500;

William D Yates to Thomas J Marlow and Tracie Sue Marlow, property on the intersection of Perdue Road and Witt Road, $20,000;

Pamela Lee Spurlock, f/k/a Pamela Lee Laney and Gayle Mason Spurlock, property in Simpson County, $153,000;

Rushing Builders Inc., to Alex Donnell Washington and Amanda Leigh Washington, Lot 22 Windsor Park Subdivision, $175,000;

Curtis Coble to BEA Properties, Lots 5 and 6 North Hills Subdivision and tract two in Simpson County, $55,000;

Luther Douglas Marklin and Peggy Ann Marklin to Penny Gregory, Lot 4 Westwood Subdivision, $129,000;

Joel L Ferguson to Joe H Ferguson, three tracts of land in Simpson County, $0;

Jared K Chandler, Bobbi Jean Chandler, Jolie C Brown, James Cody Brown, Jana C Hightower and Brett Hightower to Eric Wayne Spears and Shelley Groves Spears, property on South Pruitt Road, $57,000.

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