08/13/18 to 08/17/18

Lewis R. Lawrence and Linda J. Lawrence to Brandon S. Kelly, Rapids Road -- 5.828 acres, $44,000;

Sarah L. Jackson to Kelly Bruce Harding and Michelle West Harding, Lot 6 Westwood Subdivision, $70,906.86;

Edward Ray Payne, the same person as Edward R. Payne, and Stephanie Dean Payne, the same person as Stephanie Payne, to Carl Pflieger, the same person as Carl Frederick Pflieger, and Mary Lynn Pflieger, Lake Spring Road -- 0.537 acres, $207,000;

Brian N. Isenberg and Christina H. Isenberg to BDG Investments LLC, two parcels, $80,000;

SMP Properties LLC to Rushing Builders Inc., Lots 42, 43 and 44 Willows Development, $97,500;

John Adam Ratliff and Regina Marie Ratliff to Ronald Corry Spears and Connie Jill Spears, 320 Honeysuckle Road -- 1 acre, $180,000;

U.S. Bank Trust NA as trustee for LSF8 Master Participation Trust to Joshua Richard Cable, Lot 8 Willow Lane Subdivision, $111,000;

Lanny Spears and Helen M. Spears to Caleb Michael Lack and Taylor M. Lack, 601 Hedgewood Drive, $133,000;

Jo Anna Yates, the same person as Joanna C. Yates, to Brian A. Harper and Glennon Harper, 306 Stephens Hill Road, $220,000;

Judy Lynn Chaffin, Terry Joe Chaffin, Walker Kevin Mason and Misty Doreen Mason to Charles L. Speck and Sheryl D. Speck, Vances Mill Road -- 34.437 acres, $211,000.

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