01/02/18 to 01/05/18

William C. Gregory and Ashley Nicole Gregory, the same person as Ashley N. Gregory, to Jeffery Bowles and Dena Bowles, Lot 35 White Oak Acres Subdivision, $19,000;

Summers Pitt Farm LLC, to J.B. Hutchison Jr. as trustee, two properties, $0;

J.B. Hutchison Jr. as trusteeto Summers County Farm LLC, two properties, $0;

SBN V REO LLC to Anthony Lee Facello, Lot 13 Lockewood Subdivision, $295,000;

KTR Nashville LLC to IPX Nashville 1125 Vaughn LLC, Lake Springs Road - 0.43 acres, $17,200;

Charles E. Bomar and Barbara J. Bomar as trustees of the Charles E. Bomar and Barbara J. Bomar Trust to James Michael Gregory and Marie Ann Gregory, Gold City Road - 25.528 acres, $146,740;

Tim W. Summers and Jackie Summers to Christopher T. Norris and Angela C. Norris, Lot 25 White Oak Acres Subdivision, $187,000;

Lexington Place LLC, by its member Developing Partners LLC, to Overhold Builders LLC, Lot 22 Lexington Place Subdivision, $36,500;

Katelynn Elizabeth Dorris Perkins and Blake Kenneth Perkins to Marjorie Anne Bagwell, 2249 Salmons Blackjack Road, $75,000;

James E. Traughber Jr., also known as James Edgar Traughber Jr., Cindy L. Traughber and Joan W. Traughber to William D. Yates and Geraldine Yates, two tracts, $85,500;

Charles Randall Creek and Brenda Kay Creek to Carrie Creek Sablan and Cristen Creek Osborne, two tracts, $0;

Robert B. Fuller and Marla Young Fuller to Sarah Boyd Fuller, Lot 9 Kendal Heights Subdivision, $0;

Jamie Webster and Amy Jepson Webster to Charles B. Rogers and Jenny L. Rogers, Simpson and Logan County Property, $240,000;

Leona Mae Kramer as successor trustee of the Alvin Kramer Revocable Living Trust and trustee of the Leona Mae Kramer Revocable Living Trust to Howard Keith Fyffe, Walker Avenue, $43,000.

01/08/18 to 01/11/18

Christopher R. Thomas to William Corey Gregory and Ashley N. Gregory, Loving Chapel Road - 0.5 acres, $215,000;

C & P Investments LLC to Brian Scott Beechum, Main Street, $154,500;

Jackie Phillips, Barbara Walker, Harold Walker, David Phillips and Linda Phillips to Randall K. Underwood and Rhonda Underwood, Reeder School Road - 11.004 acres excepting 304 Reeder School Road, $53,000;

Steve Marr and Stephanie Marr to John N. Garrett and Mary Clayton Garrett, 515 Bloomfield Drive, $127,000.

01/15/18 to 01/19/18

Overholt Builders LLC to James C. Burden and Megan E. Burden, Lot 22 Lexington Place Subdivision, $190,000;

Angelo Farmer, also known as Angelo Francis Farmer, and Beverly Farmer to Kelly R. McCoy and Keeli J. McCoy, Spears Avenue, $101,600;

Devin L. Harper and Martha E. Harper to Weldon Deweese, the same person as Charles Weldon Deweese, five tracts, $146,500;

Vivian Louise Carrereiro to Christopher Davis, the same person as Christopher Bradley Davis, Lot 27 Millwood Estates Subdivision, $82,000;

Clinton Hadden and Brittany Hadden to John Pennycuff, 1117 Redbud St., $116,500;

Corey Gregory and Ashley Gregory to Sean P. Riggin and Casie N. Franklin, Lot 14 Millwood Estates Subdivision, $115,000;

Jimmy Swindle, also known as James Andrew Swindle, and Lanan Groves to April Watson, Darrell Avenue, $90,000;

Ricky L. Shelton to James W. Cline Jr., Lot 16 E.S. Robey Subdivision, $80,000;

Branch Banking and Trust Company to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, 1265 Eubanks Ford Road - 0.59 acres, $0;

William G. Leach Jr. as executor of the Aileen and Arianna Babb Estate and successor of the Babb Sisters Revocable Living Trust to Rose Corker, Simpson County, $0;

Constance Faye Forshee, the same person formerly known as Constance Faye Traughber, to Simpson Post American Legion Realty Company, 3478 Nashville Road, $550,000;

Amy J. Sims, Roy Sims, Jane Compton and Steven L. Compton as testamentary trustee for Karen S. Sanson to Charles C. Buck and Kimberly T. Buck, Austin Subdivision, $27,000;

Zuari Investments LLC to Marty Chandler, Garvin Lane - 2.50 acres, $77,400.

01/22/18 to 01/26/18

Glen T. Blain and Alisha Blain to Amber Lynn McWhorter, Gold City Road, $88,000;

Sheryl Ann Griffin and Eugene Maurice Griffin IV to Scott Thomas Farmer and Lisa Carol Farmer, two parcels, for the simultaneous exchange of property of equivalent value, with the property conveyed being an agreed fair market value of $425,000;

Scott Thomas Farmer and Lisa Carol Farmer to Sheryl Ann Griffin and Eugene Maurice Griffin IV, Stevenson Road - 143.12 acres, for the simultaneous exchange of property of equivalent value, with the property conveyed being an agreed fair market value of $425,000;

Charles Weldon Deweese and Penny Ann Deweese to Becky Luan Monnier, Lot 33 White Oak Acres Subdivision, $10,000;

Mary Joyce Lee McIntosh, Crystal Hope Lee, Joe David Lee, Rachel Adwell Lee, Larry Wayne Lee, Donna Metcalf Lee, Robert Scott Lee and Kristie Grinstead Lee to Joe David Lee and Larry Wayne Lee, Simpson County, $0;

Mark Douglas and Robin Douglas to Mark Douglas Construction LLC, Lot 1 Mark Douglas and Robin Douglas Minor Subdivision, $35,000;

Mark Douglas and Robin Douglas to Mark Douglas Construction LLC, Warren and Simpson County Properties, for and in consideration of the amount paid in Deed Book 1141, page 931 in Warren County Clerk's Office;

Wendall C. Barnett to Billy Hunt, Kentucky Highway 621 - 25 acres, $57,500;

Lisa Gail McCreary and Dale Russell McCreary to Robert Young Link as trustee, Lot 7 Westview Heights, $0;

Robert Young Link as trustee to Lisa Gail McCreary and Dale Russell McCreary, Lot 7 Westview Heights, $0

Ellen Ann Wims, Larry Wayne Wims, June Lynette McWhorter, Rex Alan McWhorter, Sharon Bla Rafferty, Michael Patrick Rafferty, Teresa R. Jenkins, Mary Ann Hudson by and through attorney-in-fact Allen N. Hudson, Timothy Jos Rafferty, Colleen Annette Rafferty, Elaine Marie Miller, Daniel Jos Rafferty, Lisa Michelle Rafferty and John D. Rafferty to Jessica Taylor Eaton, 1007 McDowell Ave., $115,000;

Matthew B. Freeman to Tonya R. Summers, Larue Avenue, $80,000;

Federal National Mortgage Association, also known as Fannie Mae, by and through Reimer Law Co. as POA, to Theresa Ann Nunnelly, 709 N. St., $135,000.

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