3/16/2020 to 3/27/2020

Ronald Clay Nash, same person as Clay Nash, and Kelly Katherine Nash, same person as Kelly Nash to Christa Lee Bess, property on Hack Brown Road, $22,000;

Jacqueline Elizabeth Tabor to David Knoble, property on North High Street, $26,000;

Peggy Ann Farmer, Terry Layne Farmer and James Terry Farmer to John W Pitt II, property on Hendricks Road, $42,000;

Dominick M Placco and Sandra J Placco to Jesse Thomas Jepson and Connie Caudill Jepson, Property on Minnicks Johnson Road, $135,000;

Thornton Family Limited Partnership to Elizabeth Payton, Lot 42 Millwood Estates Subdivision, $135,900;

Robert G Hyde and Brenda S Hyde to Kevin Scott Whitaker, property on Phillips Lane, $575,000;

Martha G Robertson to Mitchell F Estes and Michelle R Estes, two tracts of land in Simpson County, $268,000;

Sean Johnson and Jamie Johnson to John Morgan and Rebekah Morgan, property on South College Street, $292,900;

James F Miller and Nancy C Miller to Robert Sopko and Cynthia Sopko, Lot 26 North Hills Subdivision;

James Clean Gipson, Twana Gipson, Louisa Gipson, Michael Anthony Gipson, Johanna Gipson, Julie Ann Green, f/k/a Julie Gipson Green, Rhonda Montgomery Bunton, Terry Bunton, Brian Montgomery, Stacey Montgomery, John Roger Posey, Jr., Amber Michelle Posey Baker, Casey Baker, Chad Wayne Gipson and Rebecca Gipson to Julie Ann Green; property on Edgewood Drive; $125,000;

Richie A Sanders Jr. and Leslie Goff Sanders to Robert G Hyde and Brenda S Hyde, property on Witt Road, $55,100;

Nicole L Shields, the same person formerly known as Nicole L Johnson, and Randy D Shields to Jeremy A Loveall and Stephanie M Loveall, property on Robertson Road, $209,800;

Chris Graves to Tyler Ross Mosley and Katelyn Elizabeth Mosley, property on Hack Brown Road, $166,500;

Lakeview Load Service LLC and M&T Bank as power of attorney to Ismael Gomez Lebron and Maria Diego, property on West Kentucky Avenue, $77,000;

Linda Clark, Wayne Clark, Brenda Gilligan and Nancy Rees to J Jones Builders LLC, property in Simpson County, $75,000;

Ruben Irizarry Jr. and Mary Louise Irizarry to Charles J Ragland, Lot 17 Sherwood Terrace, $149,000;

J Trapper Construction LLC to James F Miller and Nancy C Miller, Lot 67 Willows Development, $161,000;

Karie L Ballard and Benita Bartley to Russell R Tucker and Michelle Marie Tucker, property on Clay Starks Road, $252,900;

Estate of Nancy G Stricklin, by and through its executor, Russell L Stricklin, to Allyson Parker, Lot 22 Country Club Estates, $155,000;

South Street LLC to Whitetail Properties LLC, property on Bowling Green Road, $75,000;

Tharon Taylor and Peggy Ann Taylor to Brandon S Kelly, Lot 18 ES Robey Subdivision, $85,000.

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