3-2-15 to 3-4-15

Jason Antony Owens and Sonya Owens to David Maverick Brown and Lindsey Nicole Brown, property with 0.9081 acres on Kentucky Route 1434, $170,000;

Phyllis York, John C. Wilson, Jr. and Stephanie Wilson to John C. Wilson, Jr., Stephanie Wilson and Auburn Banking Company, Lot 19A on Walnut Street in Oakland Heights, $130,000;

Chad D. Hammond and Christopher D. Hammond to Holly Hammond Montegomery, two parcels near Lamb Drive, $0;

Thomas Adams, Cressie Adams, Joe Phillips, Leslie Phillips to JPT of Franklin, LLC, property located at 409 Jackson Street, $0;

Leslie Phillips, Thomas Adams, Cressie Adams, Joe Phillips to JPT of Franklin, LLC, property on Finn Street, $0;

Thomas Adams, Cressie Adams, Joe Phillips and Leslie Phillips to JPT of Franklin, LLC, property near Morris Street, $0;


3-9-15 to 3-13-15

Jason J. Creager and Latrisha Creager to Joshua L. Vaughn, two parcels Lots 8 and 9 and 10 and 11 in Sunrise Heights Subdivision, $123,000;

Ronny C. Hendricks to Michael T. Fairman and Rachel C. Fairman, property located at 113 Monterey Road, $212,500;

Bryan Escue to Peggy A. Langley, property with 0.721 acres on KY HWY 73, $10,000;

Walton Thomas Wimpee, Sheena Wimpee, Rebecca Ann Wimpee Stubbs, Brandon Stubbs to Sydni R. Perry, property on West Cedar Street, $28,500;

Lanny Spears and Helen Spears to Eric Spears and Shelley Groves Spears, two tracts near South Pruitt Road, $25,000;

Teresa G. Mays to Tracy J. Spears, Lot 31 Briarwood Village Subdivision, $72,000;

Kenneth D. Bagwell and Natalie F. Bagwell to Julie L. Rhoten, two tracts, one with 0.874 acres and one with 0.366 acres, $154,000;

Edward R. Alexander and Debra J. Alexander to Jason A. Smith and Stacy A. Smith, property in Simpson County with 5.42 acres, $28,900;

Randy L. Mann and Anne H. Mann to Phillip Reed Jones and Carie Elaine Jones, 39.45 acres on C Mann Road, $157,800;

Harold Cook and Maebelle Cook to Matthew G. Apple and Debra Apple, one acre on Pleasant Hill Road, $25,000;

3-16-15 to 3-20-15

Mark Hardison and Laura K. Hardison to Ben Hardison and Courtney Hardison, property on East side of Holland Road with 0.602 acres, $1,000;

Kathy White to Jason R. Hopkins, 5311 Blackjack Road with one acre, $105,000;

Rushing Properties, LLC, to Linda V. Larsen and Steen M. Larsen, Lot 8 Cottage Grove Subdivision, $120,000;

Jeffrey L. Shelley and Cheryl L. Shelley to Neil A. Plocek and Debbie L. Plocek, two tracks on East side of Roark Road, $12,500;

Stephen Daniel and Jana Sawyers Daniel to Nathan Vangelderen and Rebecca Vangelderen, 0.38 acres on S. S. Cassity Road, $48,000;

Jonathon C. Henderson to Robert M. Harris, property on Blue Church Road, $3,000;

Douglas Nealy to John H. Rushing and Karen S. Rushing, 9.589 acres on Charlie Butts Road, $38,356;

3-23-15 to 3-27-15

Harold Hauskins and Thelma Hauskins to Christopher Painter and Tamela Painter, Lot 20 Briarwood Village Subdivision, $54,000;

Ward Kirby to Sue S. Forshee, Lot 3 Highlands Subdivision, $0;

Kelly Russell Robertson, Janet Perry Bush, Robert L. Bush, Lydia Perry Petersen, Charles N. Petersen, James Kenneth Perry, Sandra W. Perry, Todd William Perry, Kelly C. Perry and Kenneth William Perry Estate to Whitetail Properties, LLC, two parcels, Lot 45 of Huntington Park Subdivision and Lot 44 of Huntington Park Subdivision, $135,000;

31W Realty, LLC, Jerry Harrison and Karen Harrison to Shivam Investments, LLC, five acres on 31W South, $292,000;

Vena Burden Webb to William Aubrey Holland and Jody A. Holland, 19.74 acres on Pleasant Hill Road, $59,220;

Ronnie Lee Dawson to Doug H. Wims, property on Morris Street, $80,000;

Daniel K. Swanson and Robin A. Swanson to Wendell L. Garmon and Ginger P. Farmer, 602 West Cedar Street, $210,000;

Jo Anne Kirby Byrnes to William Huff, one acre on Witt Road, $0;

Eugene Medley and Karon Medley to Ray Magers and Leah Magers, 5.001 acres on Hickory Flat Road, $30,000;

Derek B. Link and Jessica M. Link to Robert P. Wilson and Kristin B. Wilson, Lot 30 Southgate Park, $265,000;

Fannie Mae, Federal National Mortgage Association, Mapother & Mapother PSC as POA to Valerie Lowery and Byron Lowery, Mckendree Church Loop, $120,000;

Dawn J. Keith to Kelsey Hanson, two tracts one near Hawthorne Street and one in Spring Valley Subdivision; $112,500;

4-1-15 to 4-3-15

Joshua K. Carder and Chasity R. Carder to Simeon J. Brace and Kimberly L. Brace, Lot 3 Drakes Creek Acres Subdivision, $92,500;

Talon Real Estate, INC, to Stacy Sutherland and Ross A. Haynes, property on West Cedar Street, $34,750;

Joe E. Brown and Dorothy A. Brown to 2C Investments, LLC, Lots 5-18 Great Franklin Subdivision, $120,000;

Christopher L. Young, Johnny O. Johnson and Deborah K. Johnson formally known as Deborah K. Young to Martin Schmucker and Marlene Schmucker, 5.560 acres on Coates Hatter Road, $25,000;

Herbert S. Williams, Christine Williams, Mary Douglas Jackson, Curtis Jackson, Shirley Ann Mucker, Larry Mucker, Charles Whitney Williams, Barbara Williams, Leon Williams and Linda Williams to Marlo B. Martinez, Jr., 307 East Breckenridge Street, $23,000;

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