JPMorgan Chase Bank National Association to Hugh G. Denning and Michael S. Swift, 408 Filter Plant Road, $89,250;

Eddie Hogan, Terri Hogan and Wanda Hogan to Samuel C. Shannon III and Angela D. Shannon, property on the west side of South Fairway Drive, $107,000;

John Robbins as Trustee, Garland P. Robbins and Frances P. Robbins Trust to John Robbins as Trustee, John Robbins Trust for two tracts; one 39.5 acres on Turnertown Franklin Road and two 29.5 acres on County Road 1020, $0;

Brady G. Murray and Jennifer Murray to Michael Gregory Properties, LLC, property on East Madison Street, $41,500;

Dorothy Simmons and Rindi M. McGregor as POA to Ismael Leon and Antonia Leon, property on State Route 73, $157,500;

Danny Wayland to Ashley Naomi Powers and James Robert Thacker, Lot 30 in Sherwood Terrace,$66,000;

Lucy Y. Stoner as Co-Trustee, Becky Y. Scearce as Co-Trustee, Mary Leslie Yokley Testamentary Trust to Beck Y. Scearce, Lucy Y. Stoner for two parcels; one on the west edge of 31-W and two, 404 Lynnwood Drive, $0;

Alex Washington, Amanda Leigh Washington formally known as Amanda Leigh Gilliam and Kerry Bullington as Partner to Bullington Patton Enterprises and Howell Patton III as Partner, property on Autumn Oaks Drive, $80,000;

SREEJI Inc to S K Corporation, property on Ky. Highway 100, $200,000;

Franklin Bank & Trust Company to Alex D. Washington and Amanda L. Washington, Lot 20 Sherwood Terrace Revised, $144,000;


Richard Simmons same person as Richard N. Simmons and Mary Ellen Simmons same person as Mary S. Simmons to Whitetail Properties, LLC, 302 Hillcrest Road, $15,000;

Vera Patrick to Emily Patrick Pratt and Robin Patrick Eaton for two properties; one beginning at a stake on Hendricks Street and two located near Morris Street, $0;

Emily Patrick Pratt, Robin Patrick Eaton as POA, Ryan Pratt and Kelly Eaton to Dennis J. Schwartz, Saundra G. Schwartz and Denishia Hostetler as POA for two properties; one beginning at a stake on Hendricks Street and two located near Morris Street, $45,000;

Michael A. Gossett and Christi H. Gossett to Kyle Wilson and Beth Wilson, house and Lot 15 and a portion of Lot 14 in Huntington Park Subdivision, $242,500;

John O. Gehret IV and Kimmie Corine Gehret to Kirby Thurman, 523 Longview Drive, $113,000;

Benmark Properties Inc to Rushing Properties, LLC, Lot 34 in Cottage Grove Subdivision, $15,000;

James M. Hasford and Janet I. Hasford to Shane Edwards and Amanda Edwards, 9.22 acres on Ky. State Highway 622, $64,000;

Paulette Thomas to Raymond Earl Thomas, property near Leak Street, $13,000;

Simon Chrzanowski and Ruth E. Chrzanowski to Simon Chrzanowski, Ruth E. Chrzanowski and Cheryl Racheal Chrzanowski, 2.95 acres on Ky. Highway 585, $0;

Bronson Rohrs and Jennifer Rohrs to Bronson Rohrs and Jennifer Rohrs, 203 Cambridge Station Road, $0;

Jeffrey L. Shelley and Cheryl L. Shelley to Neil A. Plocek and Debbie L. Plocek, property with 1.20 acres on Roark Road, $190,000;

Vonda M. Johnson formally known as Vonda M. Caudill to Robert Young Link as Trustee, half an acre on Turnertown Road, $0;

Robert Young Link as Trustee to Vonda M. Johnson and Robert M. Johnson, half an acre on Turnertown Road, $0;

Judy Monroe as Co-Trustee, Carol Clark as Co-Trustee, Jesse G. Lamb Revocable Living Trust to Alvin Kramer Revocable Living Trust, Leona Mae Kramer Revocable Living Trust, Alvin Kramer as Trustee, property in Simpson County, $33,000.

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