Preparing for future growth and development

Area of Portland representing North Gateway study. (Submitted)

City of Portland Mayor Ken Wilber and Aldermen are investing in a planning and design study for the north gateway of Portland starting at the new I-65 exit, and along the triangle of Hwy 31 West and 109 North that connects to Hwy 52 that will be completed this summer. The purpose of this North Gateway Corridor study is to provide a plan to guide future growth in this rapidly changing part of Portland and create the types of future development and community amenities that community leaders and citizens want to see.

"Portland is poised for incredible growth and economic opportunities with its location in the Middle Tennessee and Southern Kentucky regions," Mayor Wilber said. "The completion of 109 North and the new I-65 Interstate exit is underway and city government leaders are acting now to prepare for the future impacts and opportunities from these major transportation projects. The City of Portland is investing in professional engineering and planning services necessary to handle this well. City leaders want your help as they prepare our community to reap the future benefits.

"This North Gateway Corridor study is important because of the impact created from these road network improvements and the surrounding regional growth patterns. City of Portland leaders know that the city is poised for tremendous economic development opportunities. Along with economic development comes the need to establish future land use patterns that preserve and enhance the quality of life for Portland residents

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and encourage vibrant tourism opportunities for the present and future. This corridor plan will also be an important tool to help Portland government leaders secure grants and future funding opportunities to implement future projects for our community."

At Steering and Technical Committee meetings held on Feb. 29, the concensus was Portland leaders want future growth to create high quality development and community amenities that add to the character and livability of Portland. One of the city's best assets is its unique small town feel and quality of life that will attract new residents, tourists, and investors that city leaders know are coming.

Committee members want to make sure that the future growth that Portland will see happens in a high quality way and produces the commercial, residential and industrial development and city amenities that leaders would like for Portland's future, according to Mayor Wilber.

Portland City leaders and committee members also want to avoid unintended consequences from this major regional infrastructure investment that can happen if the community doesn't prepare properly.

One of the main goals for the study is to share details with citizens and involve as many stakeholders in the study process. Other key study goals include: economic growth, safety, transportation and mobility, land use and community development, community character, and greenways and open space.

Portland City leaders invite you get involved.

The first Public Open House for the North Gateway Corridor Planning Project will be held from 5:30 until 7 p.m. on March 31 at the Portland Public Library.

City leaders, Steering and Technical Committee members, and project engineers and planners will be set up to answer all of your questions.

Make plans to attend to learn all about this study effort and share your ideas for the future Portland that you want to see.

Contact Mayor Ken Wilber, Jackie West, or Denise Geminden at 615-325-6776 or visit the City of Portland website at for more details.

Portland Public Library

5:30 - 7 p.m. on March 31

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