Members of the Portland Board of Mayor and Aldermen held a work study meeting on March 7, 2016. The board was given an update on the proposed disc golf course slated for Meadowbrook Park.

HB Clark, a leader in the disc golf industry, has been consulted. Clark owns HB Clark Disc Golf Course Designs in Bowling Green, Ky. and has some familiarity with Meadowbrook Park.

Parks Director Steve Osborne presented the council with a list of the costs of an 18-hole disc golf course in the park.

Osborne said, "I think it is a good addition to the park. I made the presentation and gave a more realistic cost and design expectations. I'm for it, but it is up to the council to decide if it is worth funding."

Osborne stated that it has been determined that the proposed site is adequate for an 18-hole disc golf course. The final approval of the site will be contingent upon ending the leasing of unused land in the park for farmland. Also, the mountain bike trail project will need to be completed.

The site would be ready for construction in 2017.

The estimated cost for materials is $16,380, which includes hole design, targets, tees, and signs. Each hole is estimated to cost $910 per hole. The cost to install holes in open areas is $500, and in the woods is $1,000 per hole. The total cost to install the holes is $13,500, making the total cost an estimated $29,880.

Members of the city council would have to approve a funding source; and prepare RFP for a competitive bidding process.

Local disc golf advocate Stan Foster said, "Disc Golf is a public service opportunity for a community to get involved in outdoor opportunities, and it would be an opportunity for the city because it would bring people into our community to play disc golf."

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