I’m late in the game finding out that EPB is now in control of the fiber optic system here in Franklin. First of all, my concern is how is that going to help the average person? Second, it was originally put in to attract new business to our town, but the only new business that was mentioned is Tractor Supply. Did they spend all that money to get one new business here, and if so what a waste of money. Does anyone care about your every day Franklin resident, and do we not deserve to benefit from this?

Can we not escape the high cost of Comcast? My favorite detail is that it doesn’t seem enough that FEPB (who IS NOT regulated by federal government nor do they want to be) is in control of your electric. The new “smart meters” actually emit dangerous waves and are used to spy on us through “smart” gadgets or appliances within the home. 

Do you realize that smart meters infringe on our rights as free citizens of the USA and our privacy? If that is not enough, try to ask for two or three extra days to pay a bill. I have personally needed a few days on several occasions and when I call to ask for the extension I receive a firm no in response. 

I have paid several re-connect fees or check fees. Is that where the money came from to buy the fiber optic system, from lower-income people like me, who needed an extra day or two?

I propose that we instead have federally regulated power. However, the city doesn’t want that. The rules change at a federally regulated power company. They cannot cut you off like EPB can now. Federally regulated power requires EPB to work out payment arrangements when needed not one or two times like it is now. Federally regulated power has to give you a 15-day notice that your power will be shut off.

They can no longer just put a red tag on your door and cut your power. There are a lot of differences in federally regulated power. I urge people in Franklin to research TVA regulations, federally regulations and smart meters.

Personally I am tired of lining the pockets of our city government and the EPB and EPB Board Members. I also disagree with the usage of smart meters as a disruption of personal rights.

Rhonda DeArmond, Franklin Ky

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