I never cease to be amazed at how some person or group proposes to build a facility and then at the same time say, in essence, "We'll ask everyone else to pay for it." That is the bottom line in the proposed "Aquatic Center" described in last week's Franklin Favorite.

The proposed "3 percent Restaurant Sales Tax" assumes that local businesses will just add it to the bill without any objection from patrons. Restaurants at Exit 2 and Exit 6 may not be bothered by adding the tax to out of state customers. The problem with that reasoning is that many Simpson County residents go to those same restaurants. Many of us "senior citizens" are regulars at our local Cracker Barrel. Many Sumner County and Portland, Tennessee residents come to Exit 2 restaurants because of our 6 percent Kentucky sales tax, which is 3 percent less than that of Tennessee. When Simpson County restaurants begin charging a 9 percent sales tax on their meals those Tennessee residents may decide to stay in Tennessee and eat at their own restaurants.

It's been suggested that the 3 percent additional tax on an $8 meal is only 24 cents, but added to our existing 6 percent Kentucky sales tax, the total sales tax on that $8 meal becomes 72 cents. The real crux of this whole proposed project is how is this project going to be paid for and who is going to pay for it.

Citizens of Franklin and Simpson County, let your city councilman or county magistrate know your feelings on this matter. Once it's adopted it will be there for more years than many of us will live.


Walter Sexton

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