As I read various news reports, I am stricken by what a wicked and immoral society we've become. Immature college students with a false sense of entitlement, cry and whine about "hate" and "intolerance" when hate, intolerance and violence is all that is shown for anyone that doesn't share their beliefs. Pretentious celebs ranting about things they have no knowledge of and with no basis in reality.

Unhinged and manipulative media that sensationalize lies and innuendo's of those they hate yet ignore tragic miscarriages of justice by those they slobber over. Society as a whole has seemingly embraced and glorified perversion of every kind while attacking anything that should be seen as morally responsible. Obama consistently apologized for America, was sympathetic to anti-American groups, and even received illegal campaign contributions in 2008 from Hamas. All while instigating disrespect for authority and dividing our nation more than any other sitting president. Obama never received near the negative media coverage that Trump has been inundated with and for much less. Why such manic hatred? It's very simple really. They've been turned over to a reprobate mind.

There is still hope. God is capable of anything but He is a righteous God that won't allow this behavior to continue without punishment. He promised a day of reckoning and you can feel it in the air…something is ready to give. You may not believe in God and you don't have to, it's your choice but are you ready to find out if you're wrong?


Kim Robinson

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