As many of you know, Judge Harrison and I recently hosted many community leaders from the 49th Judicial District to hear a presentation about the $1 Million grant funds available beginning this month to benefit Kentucky's youth. We are encouraged to keep the information circulating so as many people as possible can take advantage of this great opportunity for our youth. Below is the article than ran a few weeks ago. Please pass this information along to others who would like to apply for funding.

Over 40 community leaders from Simpson and Allen Counties gathered on Tuesday, Aug. 29, in the Simpson District Courtroom for a presentation on the Fiscal Incentive Program provided by the Department of Juvenile Justice. One million dollars of grant money will soon be available to Kentuckians to benefit our youth. The presentation was coordinated by the Administrative Office of the Courts and Department of Juvenile Justice. Community leaders enjoyed a lunch provided by the following restaurants: The Medical Center at Franklin Café, 4 Soils Coffee & Bakery, Tanglewood Farms, Subway on Main Street, and Piggly Wiggly.

The intent of the Commonwealth through Senate Bill 200 was to maintain public safety and achieve savings using evidence based treatment programs and practices at the local level and to reinvest a portion of the savings attained into community based programs and services. As funds became available, a fiscal incentive program was developed to support local efforts and shall be distributed for renewable, competitive grants to be awarded to judicial districts to establish community based sanction and treatment programs that provide alternatives to out of home placements and individualized interventions on an occasional basis to avoid commitment to the Department of Juvenile Justice.

The Request for Proposal (RFP) supported by the Fiscal Incentive Program will be posted through the Kentucky Justice and Public Safety Cabinet's Electronic Grants Management System (eGMS). The approximate date of release is September 2017. This website can be accessed utilizing the following link: Fiscal Incentive Program documents can be found at All applications will be approved locally before being approved by DJJ. For more information contact Beth A. Fiss, District Judicial Secretary by calling 270-586-8717 or by emailing


Beth A. Fiss

District Court

Judicial Secretary

Simpson and Allen County

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