An appeal to the citizens of Franklin-Simpson

About 8 years ago our community, recognizing a need for youth activities, organized the Boys and Girls Club of Franklin-Simpson. A facility was built and opened in June, 2007. Since that time the growth and success of this club has been extraordinary. That first year we saw participation of a little over 100 children per day. Presently we have over 950 signed on members with an average daily participation level of over 250.

The club's programs include organized recreation, arts and crafts, study and homework time (required), gardening, and many other special learning experiences. The staff and volunteers do an excellent job of organizing and supervising activities, tutoring and mentoring your children, and keeping the facilities in tip top shape. On behalf of the staff and board of directors, I invite you to visit the club after school any day to see for yourself the level of activity going on at your club. I guarantee that you will be amazed!

However, here comes my appeal. Your club needs your financial support! Along with this tremendous growth, a corresponding increase in cost results. The expenses in running your club the last couple of years have exceeded the revenue. The annual program's budget now exceeds $520,000, which equates to approximately $540 per child annually.

We have been fortunate to get funding through city and county governments, civic organizations, businesses, churches, benevolent individuals, and many fundraisers. But as lean as we can afford to operate, staying operational requires more support — your support. We also have modest expansion plans to accommodate the growth, but these plans are unfortunately on hold.

Your Boys and Girls Club has had a profound effect on our community. Ask the Family Court about youth statistics. Ask a parent whose child participates. Ask a school official about the impact of your club. Or see for yourself with a visit. I appeal to every citizen to invest in our community. Please participate financially with a donation to help maintain our club. Make it an annual investment so we can insure our club's future. We as a concerned and active Board of Directors would appreciate your help.

Wayne Larson

Member of 
Board Of Directors

F.S. Good Samaritan thanks community
 for support

During this season of Thanksgiving, we at F.S. Good Samaritan are especially thankful for the outpouring of support we have experienced in recent weeks.

This agency serves as a way for people to help our neighbors in need. Churches, agencies and individuals have been giving food, heaters, blankets, coats and other winter supplies to our pantry and warehouse.

There are too many to list in my letter of thanks. But let me tell about two outstanding events.

Saturday, Nov. 22, the Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, and Girl Scouts of Franklin gathered food from the porches of generous Franklin residents and delivered over 1,500 items of food to us.

Sunday, Nov. 23, the F.S. Ministerial Fellowship hosted a Thanksgiving worship service at Zion Lutheran Church. The offering from that celebration was dedicated to the Good Samaritan ministry. Over $500 was donated.

Through the whole year, our office at 111 S. Main Street serves as an outreach for charity for our community. Good Samaritan receives and gives away basic household goods and helps pay essential bills in times of crisis.

We are grateful always and especially glad, as winter is coming upon us, for these generous gifts.

Curry W. Davis, Jr.

Executive Director

F.S. Good Samaritan

Thank you for supporting 
AAHC open house

We wish to express our appreciation to those in the community who came to our open house for the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the house where the museum is located.

Thanks so very much for the donations of $100 we have received. Donations will continue to be accepted and appreciated. A special plaque will list everyone who donates $100 or more. We also want to thank those who attended the Chamber after Hours that was held here on the same day as the anniversary celebration.

May God bless each of you.

The African American Heritage Center Inc.

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