History repeats itself. Is this our future?

Dear Editor,

Over the last few years we have seen in South Carolina and in New Orleans and now Virginia efforts to remove memorials having to do with the Confederacy. It would do people well to learn history. Prior to and during the Civil War Ulysses S Grant owned slaves. During that same time Robert E Lee never owned slaves. When Robert E Lee married his wife owned slaves, which he freed. So how is it that a dedication to him symbolizes hatred?

Throughout history the oppressors have always sought two eliminate anything that reminded people of previous oppressors. The Nazis during World War II tried to eliminate anything that would remind people of the past contributions of the Jewish people. Currently Isis is, wherever they go, eliminating any reference to the past. Any intelligent person must ask why they are so set upon in the eliminating knowledge of the past.

"Those who don't know history are bound to repeat it," Edmund Burke said. Is this what the future holds for us?

Throughout history, violent protest and unrest occurred while eliminating references to the past, followed by someone or group eventually enslaving the masses or putting them in concentration camps. Is this our future?

The journey from freedom to servitude starts with a small voice saying, "Shouldn't we be fair to everyone?" Then another voice saying, "We shouldn't have to be reminded of past injustices, remove them."

During removal violent protests break out. Later, in the name of 'peace and order,' certain freedoms must be sacrificed, temporarily! It worked for Hitler! From there it is downhill to slavery. And it has repeated itself over and over throughout history.


Edmond V. Schwab, Sr.

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