Thank you

The courtroom is now empty for good. "Witness for the Prosecution" is now in the books.

I would like to, once again, thank our sponsors for supporting us in our endeavor to bring great theatre to Franklin:

The Law Firms of Leach & Cummins, Crocker & Thurmond, Mefford & Phillips, Robert Young Link, W. Scott Crabtree, and J. Cory Morgan; Judges Martha Blair Harrison, Janet Crocker, and G. Sidnor Broderson; and Commonwealth's Attorney, Clint G. Willis. Thanks to the Director, Barbara Shriver (get well soon) and the amazing cast Chad Drake, Gary Weilage, Morgan Cook, Roger Eldridge,

Larry Gibson, Mickey Lewis, Jr., Stephanie Downey, Ben Phillips, Dixie Buesching, Kathy Bagwell, Jane Lewis, John Hermann, Nancy Uhls, Dutch Maris, and Allyson Spears. You all were fantastic and I hope your experience was a pleasant one.

A shout out to the nice people who came to help out by sitting in the jury box and the spectator box. You helped make the show realistic. Speaking of realistic, you couldn't get more realistic than the set. A big thanks to the volunteers from the Simpson County Detention Center for building and painting the set. To Tyler Ferguson and John Mayeur for helping with the sound, to the backstage crew, ushers, ticket sellers and those who helped in any way by loaning us props or costumes or supplied us with goods or services, we salute you!

Last but not least, thank you to all who came to watch you are the reason we exist! We really appreciate your attendance and support. You may have been small crowds but you were certainly enthusiastic! Now on to the next show The "Wizard of Oz" coming in July. Stay tuned!


Brownie Bennett

Executive Director, Franklin-Simpson Arts Council

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