Room In the Inn prepares for cold weather

This is the time of year when our attention is focused on giving thanks for the many blessings in our lives. It is also a time of year when Room In The Inn prepares for the coming cold weather for those among us experiencing homelessness. Last year we hosted 45 different guests through our cold weather shelter program here in Simpson County. You may not see the guests we serve. They usually are not standing on the street corner for everyone to see. They are male, female, under 18, students in our schools, parents, grandparents and veterans. Homelessness knows no bounds. Some guests come for only one night because their electricity was disconnected and need a warm place to stay; while other guests may come for several nights because they cannot save the money to rent an apartment even though they work. Whatever the reason, we welcome our guests and treat them with radical hospitality. Our Simpson County volunteers are the best in the hospitality business. We have about 11 churches participating this season and want to extend the invitation to even more churches. Our hosting dates for the upcoming 2018 season will be January 1 through March 17. We will be hosting guests seven nights a week. Our volunteer training dates are November 30 and December 13. If your church would like to help in some way, either by hosting, providing meals or volunteer help, please contact us at 270.223.8919 or on our Facebook page: Franklin Room In The Inn or by email: We are saving lives by providing radical hospitality to those experiencing homelessness. Won't you help?


Beth A. Fiss

Room In The Inn, Simpson County Coordinator

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