Primaries are not for the party, they are for the voters

Are you an Independent voter?

Are you tired of being refused the opportunity to vote in Kentucky primary elections? is a national organization working to make open primaries available in all fifty states and you should take up the challenge to make them a reality here.

Kentucky is one of only seventeen states which do not permit open primaries and recent national polls have found that as much as 43 percent of the electorate considers itself as Independent. More and more young voters are listing themselves as Independent.

All taxpayers in Kentucky pay to support primary elections and yet a substantial proportion of those tax-payers are refused the right to vote in their primaries because they have elected not to affiliate with either the Democrat or Republican party.

According to the September voter stats released by the Kentucky Board of Elections, there are 282,776 voters in Kentucky who are registered to vote but are not affiliated with either the Democrat or Republican party. That's a lot of voters who can't vote in primaries.

Let's be clear. Primaries are not for the parties, they are for the voters and all voters pay for them and should have the right to participate in them.

It's well past time for KRS 116.055 to be repealed and to make primary elections open to everyone. It is an issue of fairness and justice.

Do something about it. Contact your legislator. Tell him or her to support repeal of KRS 116.055.

Contact the Secretary of State and demand that she work for all Kentuckians and push for a new statute to open the primaries.

Contact the Governor and tell him you expect him to work on behalf of all voters, not just those of two parties.

It's time for Kentucky to enter the 21st century and to assure universal voting rights. You can help make it a reality.


Charles Witt

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