Commending the work of a Simpson County magistrate

I am writing to commend the work of one of Simpson County's Magistrates -- Blake Tarpley.

Since I drive Highway 73 each day commuting from Rockfield to my job in Portland, Tennessee, I contacted Mr. Tarpley last fall for assistance to get a section of the road repaved (the mile and a half stretch from South Union railroad crossing going toward Franklin.)

Mr. Tarpley was very helpful. He contacted state officials and forwarded pictures I took of the deteriorating roadbed so they could understand the extent of the problem. He communicated regularly with me and informed me the Road Department couldn't resurface it before spring/summer of 2017. In the meantime, in early December they did patch the worst spots to prevent further deterioration. Since it was a mild winter, the patching was sufficient. Then, on Tuesday June 6, 2017 and Wednesday June 7, 2017, the state resurfaced the road and it is a pleasure to drive on it.

To me, Mr. Tarpley is the epitome of a "public servant." It was refreshing to find someone who was so willing to help me, even though I live in Logan County and cannot vote for him. This is why I believe his actions exemplify the highest tradition of public service. I'm also confident his efforts to facilitate the short-term repairs on Highway 73 saved taxpayers considerable expense on the eventual resurfacing.

In my opinion, Mr. Tarpley is a credit to his office as a magistrate and I believe his constituents should know what a fine job he is doing on their behalf.


Brian Gates

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