Family Resource, 
Youth Service Centers offer thanks

On behalf of the Franklin-Simpson Family Resource and Youth Service Centers, we would like to thank the following sponsors for helping us reach more families through our Christmas Assistance Program: Caren Gibson, Mary Thomas Vincent, Coy Hanson, Kentucky State Police, Courtney Hardison and family Scott Maxwell, First Baptist Church, Misty Wade, Betty Meador, Rainbow 4-H, Katelyn Sexton, FSHS Student Council, Steve and Barbara Snider, FFA, Michelle Fleming, Kelli Harvey and family, Milli Mcintosh, St. Mary Catholic Church, Simpson County bus garage, Lighthouse LES, Michael Tuck and family, Mary Ann Dobbs, Life Point Church, SES cafeteria workers, Presbyterian Church, Krista James, City of Franklin, Denisha Kirby, Lions Club, Church of Christ, Alpha Baptist Church, Blue RX, Macedonia Baptist Church, Jaclyn Konow, Rebecca Doyle, Happyland Daycare and Paul Raines.

Thank you for your kind donations! It is sponsors like you that help make our programs a success!

Lacey Phillips, FRC coordinator

Constance Blane, FSMS YSC coordinator

Amie Chaney, FSHS YSC coordinator

AAHC thanks community for attending MLK commemoration

The African American Heritage Center would like to thank the Franklin community for coming out on Sunday, Jan. 17 and supporting the 2016 commemoration of the 87th birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. program.

Special thanks go out to the following for participating in and helping to make the event a successful one this year:

Pastor Eric Walker, Franklin Community Church, the Franklin Community Church Praise team, Pastor Jeff Grimes, Pastor William Locke, Benny Uhls, Evangelist Nancy Uhls, Judge Martha Harrison, County Judge Jim Henderson, magistrate Blake Tarpley, Micheal Kennedy, the Rev. Charles and Katherine McCutchen, and everyone who attended the event. We greatly appreciate everyone's support.

Thank you.

Alice Bailey, AAHC Board President

Sharon Taylor-Carrillo, operations manager


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