'High Noon' for Mitch

"High Noon" -- the best western movie ever. The best leadership movie ever. Produced in 1952 and watched by President Eisenhower to gain leadership insight.

Gary Cooper portrays Marshall Will Kane. Grace Kelly portrays his Quaker wife. There's a familiar plot -- the lawman of a frontier town is challenged by a newly released killer. Payback has been promised for the marshal who put him away.

The town wants no part of the confrontation. Despite the despicable character of the killer, the town has no backbone. Deputies, judges and citizens refuse to support the marshal.

Fast forward to Khizr Kahn, a father who lost his heroic son in Iraq who happens to be Muslim. As Kahn points out, like many other patriots, his son is buried in Arlington Cemetery.

And there's John McCain, another heroic son who spent years as a POW in Hanoi Hilton.

And then there's the daily rampage from Donald Trump on all of our country's basic values.

We know Trump's lack of character. But do we know Mitch? … the Senate Majority Leader of the United States Senate … and a Trump supporter.

Will he quietly watch the Republican Party dissolve? Will he conquer his fear and show his leadership? … or won't he?

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