When my daughter was young, she never could say something was "the same"; she would say "same as." Now that she's grown, she has no trouble with similar things, but "same as" stuck with me. Are we having chicken for dinner again? Yep, same as.

Maybe that was the thought process recently when I got the itch to do something different. Too much "same as" and you get stuck in a rut. Monotony, routine and ho-hum are the three leading causes of slow death.

I'm not sure what they call this itch, but it's a sense that you've been folding the same socks for too long. You need a change-up in your batting order. Personally, I'm a dog lover, but the one thing I do understand about cats is the, "Now I'm here, now I need to be over there" philosophy. You get the itch, you've got to go.

Wracking my cognitive compass, all that came up direction-wise was a clip from an old film, "Head west, young man!" But with my younger days already passed and harboring no desire to stake a claim on new land, I decided to head north to my sister's.

Okay, not exactly an escapade, but if we're having chicken for dinner again, at least somebody else is cooking it.

Leaving ordinary behind, I pushed pedal to metal. Through the open windows, adventure swirled my hair. This was the rejuvenation I was looking for!

I'd made it a good two-thirds of the way down the driveway when the thought hit me: I miss my dog.

But the winds of change kept whispering, "Same-old, same-old," so I doggedly drove on toward something new.

I pulled in to somebody else's home and opened her refrigerator. "Where's the water, Sis?"

"We don't drink water, we drink pop."

"You mean soda?"

She showed me to my room and I immediately noticed my pillows were missing. I tried the new bed, and it was too hard. Next I tried the covers, but they were too soft. My old bed was just right.

After reading the manual to her new-wave contraption, I fixed myself a cup of coffee and promptly stubbed my toe on a table that shouldn't have been there. Well, surely I'll find my way around; let me take you to dinner.

"Uh, you just ran that stop sign."


Columbus made the exploration of uncharted territory look so easy!

A change of scenery is nice, but coming home isn't so bad either. "Same as" might get boring, but it sure is comfortable.

Rachelle Krampe welcomes feedback at posprince@att.net.

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