'Grateful' after 38 years with city

After 38 years of employment with the City of Franklin, I will be retiring on June 30. Although I am looking forward to retired life and having more time with my grandchildren and family, I will greatly miss the interaction I have enjoyed while serving the citizens of Franklin as well as the company of my co-workers.

I cannot begin to thank all those who I have had the privilege of working with and getting to know over the years; I am extremely grateful to all those who have helped me along the way. Without the guidance and support of not only the city staff, but also the municipal clerks throughout this state, I would have been lost.

The changes in our city since I started in 1978 are tremendous, and I look forward to watching the continued growth and prosperity of our outstanding community! During my tenure with the city, I have

• Worked in three different city hall locations, with the present located just blocks away from the one I started in

• Been a part of 10 mayor terms

• Seen a change from the Mayor/Commission form of government to the City Manager form of government

• The legislative body changed from a Mayor and six council persons to the present five member Board of Commissioners … and experienced many other changes.

I have lived and worked all my life here in Franklin-Simpson, and feel blessed to have done so. Having had the opportunity to see how other communities in our Commonwealth operate, I am so proud of our outstanding community and the spirit of cooperation we strive for. I wish my co-workers and the city much success in the future, and look forward to watching the continued growth and prosperity of our community.

Kathy Stradtner, CKMC

City of Franklin, KY City Clerk

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