Farewell to Franklin

Throughout life, you inadvertently leave behind relationships you feel will last forever -- quite frequently being led from one place to another before you get a chance to become rooted. This summer I was planted in Franklin for my first internship. Once I got past the tractors driving on the road and cornfields on every other street, I settled in well -- if you call eight weeks settling.

Franklin may be a small town, but that's what I enjoyed most about my summer. It was unlike any journalism experience I've had. Being able to hear sources' reactions toward the articles I wrote was refreshing. When you're in a bigger journalistic field, you hear you did a great job from your editor, but hearing it from the people boosted my confidence level.

I began the summer reporting on how community members give back through non-profit organizations. I felt the passion each person had for this town, and that made it easier for me to appreciate Franklin as well. I don't say these things because they sound good, but because they're true.

From ribbon cuttings that always had light refreshments and a smiling Jamie Powell somewhere in the bunch, to the laundry list of advice I received from everyone in the office, to the photo assignments taking pictures of crops in the country, I'll never forget this place. This was a great way to begin my experience in professional journalism, and I wouldn't trade it for anything.

Thank you Franklin Favorite, WFKN and community. At the start of the internship I didn't think of coming back; but after getting to know Franklin you may see me in 4 Soils one morning. I'll finish out my senior year at WKU 'working hard' with you all in mind. This is farewell, but you'll hear from me again.

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