I confess, I am addicted to mowing and I cannot believe it. I have always liked to mow but using a push mower and our old Snapper created more of a daunting task especially on hot days and generally took a lot more time to complete.

With the creation of the new modern machine, mowing on a zero-turn mower just alleviates the task to a whole new level. Zipping around the yard and turning so quickly makes the job so much better, almost fun, or do I dare to even say that. The straight lines and fast past have created a monster in me.

Becky Scales is a columnist living in Logan County, Ky. She writes about her family, history, and the delicious recipes she prepares in her kitchen at the Flint Ridge-McCuddy Home, one of the oldest homes in Logan County, Ky. built in 1804, and owned by her family since 1829.

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