Jennifer Sturm

Jennifer Sturm

Well, here it is. It’s been three years since I started as an advertising account representative here at the Franklin Favorite and it’s time to turn the page. I’d been freelancing for the Favorite writing a health and fitness column along with occasional feature stories when the opportunity arose to join the team full time on the advertising side of the business. At first, I wasn’t sure about it, but I jumped in. I heard lots of “foreign” questions such as — what is your pci open rate? How many columns is your paper? I want an ad that is about the size of this 5-by-7 picture — what will that cost? That’s not foreign any longer. I can calculate column inches like a boss. Tabs, Mini Stitch & Trims, Advertorials? I gotcha! What I set out to do in the beginning and what I like to think I accomplished for my customers is to create impactful advertising for them that I would have been proud to have had for myself promoting my own business. I loved the creative part of my job. I enjoyed working with individuals and encouraging them to incorporate the newspaper into their marketing plans for their businesses. I will miss that, but I’m happy to have had this experience and my time spent here being part of this team.

What’s next? I’m returning to my true love — health and fitness. Specifically, working with older adults to help them live healthier and happier lives. I will be personal training, health coaching and providing some in-home services to seniors to assist them to continue living independently. The training I will be offering focuses on functional strength and I am able to offer “Jen-style” personal training and coaching in private homes or residential facilities as well as a commercial gym. Additionally, I will be leading group fitness classes each week that are appropriate for anyone, but especially those with any orthopedic, mobility or aging realities. And of course, you will still see my name here in the Franklin Favorite as I will continue to write and contribute columns from time to time.

As “they” used to say: See you in the funny papers.

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