The Simpson County Circuit Court Clerk Beth Fiss introduced four new ways for jurors to receive notification about court cases at the beginning of the new term.

Fiss said she has been working on expanding the juror notification options since she took office in January. In Simpson County jurors are selected every six months to serve their term, the new term started on July 1.

"One of my goals when I started in this position in January was to update our jury notification system because we are in the 21st century and there are so many more options available," Fiss said.

In the past jurors new to report for court after calling the circuit courts office the night before they are set to come in and listen to the answering machine message that would tell them if they are needed or not the next morning, she said.

"Sometimes cases will get worked out or they will plead guilty," Fiss said.

The circuit and district courts now work with an app that jurors can send a text message to and be added to a group chat that Fiss updates on court cases.

"I have a district group and a circuit group," Fiss said.

Jurors working with circuit court cases text @july19c to 81010 and jurors covering district court cases text @july19d to 81010. They will then receive messages from Remind about cases and if there are any issues, text one of the above messages to 270-776-5056.

Jurors can now directly email Beth Fiss at for any information or questions. They can also follow the Facebook page Beth Fiss, Circuit Court Clerk for updates.

Another option would be to visit the website, select the right county and find updates on the cases.

Jurors can still call the office phone after 4:30 p.m. the night before they are supposed to report to court if they still want to, but Fiss wanted to offer more ways for people to know as soon as she knows so they don't have to rearrange their schedule.

"Instead of one way with the phone and the answering machine notification we now have five different options instead of just one," Fiss said.

She said people have come up to her and tell her they love the new options because it is more convenient.

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