Ramey to retire after 25 years with extension office

At the end of January, Christy Ramey will retire from the Simpson County Extension office after 25 years.

"My memories of Simpson County are that we work together as a team and we accomplish things as a group and not just for the glory of one or two people, but the whole and that is what I have really enjoyed," Ramey said.

When she agreed to come to Simpson County it was only supposed to be for five years, but she ended up staying for almost seven years.

She said her reasons to retire now are that the technical knowledge needed to continue her job are going past what she wants to learn and she is physically worn out.

"Like anything hands on, you have to do it over and over to learn it, well the older you get the more you have to do that," Ramey said. "I love extension, I love being able to help people, help families, to work in the community."

When Ramey first started in Family and Consumer Science, which was home economics back then, it was because she felt strongly that families are the foundation of communities. She would teach families things like establishing traditions, eating meals together around the table, reading to your children and cooking together.

"I think the only thing I haven't really emphasized and probably if I were to stay I would try to work in into the conversation in the car with your kids what are going to be talking about," she said.

"I've had some challenging days, but not so many in Simpson county because it has been such a great place to work and everybody has been friendly and anxious to do things that will help other people," she added. "When the community has that as their base it is and easy, beautiful place to work."

Ramey said she is dreading retirement in a way, but is looking forward to spending more time with her family, grandkids and traveling.

With this job she has been able to do important work in the community, be involved in the community and work with people with the same goals she has.

"I've loved every bit of it and my 25 years has flown by, I can't believe how fast it has gone," Ramey said.

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