Randolph wins national Washington Crossing Foundation scholarship

Will Randolph

FSHS senior Will Randolph has been selected as a winner in the 49th Annual National Washington Crossing Foundation Scholarship Competition and has received $1,500, adding another accomplishment to his high school career.

Randolph is among 38 seniors nationwide to receive the award, which is presented to students planning careers in government service. He plans to work as a Foreign Service Officer (FSO) and will attend the University of Louisville in the fall.

"It's really great to be recognized with a national award," Randolph said. "I look forward to using the scholarship to continue my education."

Competing students submitted essays explaining why they want to pursue their chosen careers, alongside a recommendation from their school, academic transcripts, national testing scores and other information.

The Washington Crossing Foundation has awarded over $1.6 million in scholarships since its inception, and is named after George Washington's decision to lead his troops across the Delaware River to win the Battle of Trenton. Its scholarship program's stated mission is to "find, identify and encourage young people with [that] same sense of service and dedication."

At the end of April, Randolph and the other scholarship traveled to Bucks County in Pennsylvania for the Scholarship Awards Ceremony, with all expenses paid.

"I spent the weekend up there for the ceremony on April 28," Randolph said. "To be in an atmosphere that values public service is important, especially in this day and age."

For more information on the Washington Crossing Foundation's awards and values, visit www.gwcf.org.

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