Tanglewood Farms' expansion project, which began approximately one month ago, is nearing completion.

The additional space is allowing the restaurant to offer a breakfast menu, specialty coffee drinks and more seating options.

"We had been thinking about doing a coffee shop for several years and we have had lots of customers ask us about doing coffee and doing more specialty stuff," said Thom Thornton, owner of Tanglewood Farms.

Construction started on the building a month ago when they closed for two weeks to get the concrete floor poured and the building structure up. Some of the building additions have included the installation of a courtyard, a pergola and a fountain, to allow people a chance to sit outside during nice weather.

"We have added about 1,200 square feet, so we have doubled the size on most of it," Thornton said.

Thornton said they opened after the two weeks because their customers were asking when the restaurant would reopen. There is still some detail work left to do on the inside, including finishing the electrical, adding the metal ceiling and finishing the plumbing, he said.

"We are down to the final stages now," Thornton said. "We still have a little bit of equipment coming in, we ordered the espresso machine, it is coming from Italy and it is in now it is just waiting to be installed."

Tanglewood will add espresso, latte's, Italian sodas and smoothies to their drink menu when construction is finished, and the menu will expand to include on-the-go breakfast sandwiches, pastries, quiche and full breakfasts for anyone who wants to sit down, Thornton said.

"We will do most everything in house, there will be some pastries we will get other bakeries to make, but we will be doing most everything ourselves," he said.

Thornton said the restaurant expansion should be finished by the end of May or beginning of June.

"I'm ready to have everything up and running and open," he said. "We've got lots of customer who can't wait for us to be open."

Shelia Sloan, a food server at Tanglewood Farms, said she is very excited for the renovations to be completed.

"I think it is beautiful in here," Sloan said. "I think Franklin needs a place like this."

The restaurant plans to continue to offer their hot bar, salad bar, sandwich menu and catfish while adding a few new items to their main menu and dessert menu, Thornton said.

"We just don't have everything finalized on menu's yet," he said.

When the restaurant reopens the new hours will be Monday through Thursday 6 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Friday 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. They are still determining if and when the want to be open on Saturdays, and will be closed on Sundays.

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