The Voluntary Travel ID or Real ID underwent a trial run in Franklin and Woodford counties earlier this summer in the circuit court clerk's offices.

"The circuit court clerks responsible for issuing the new IDs, have expressed displeasure due to the increased workload on their office staff, who also manage district and circuit courts," according to a press release.

Kentucky Transportation Secretary Greg Thomas wrote in a press release that having the county offices issue the ID is not sustainable long-term.

Thomas also wrote that the cabinet is working to secure funding for a regional approach and will work with state and local court officials to develop and execute a plan that is in the best interest of citizens.

"Drivers licenses as they are traditionally issued will continue to be issued by the local circuit clerks," said Senate President Robert Stivers in a release. "They may not be in conformity with the Real ID standards of the federal law, that's where the transportation secretary is going to supplement those with 12 regional offices to issue the Real IDs. They are working collaboratively on a plan to come to us in January to resolve all this."

The Real ID licenses will be required in October 2020 to board domestic airline flights, enter federal government facilities and nuclear power plants. Applicants for the new Voluntary Travel ID or those applying for a license, permit or personal ID for the first time must present documentation verifying identity, social security number and residency.

"As your Simpson County Circuit Clerk, I am working with the administrative office of the courts and Kentucky Department of Transportation to make this transition as smooth as possible and provide excellent customer service to all of Simpson County," said Simpson County Circuit Court Clerk Beth Fiss.

For more information, visit or call 502-564-1257.

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