The meeting of the Simpson County School Board on July 30 was the first for new Superintendent Tim Schlosser.

"I thought it went fine," Schlosser said. "When you have good people around you and things are organized, a great board things go pretty smooth."

After Chairperson David Webster called the meeting to order and the agenda was approved, Kim Wolfram, assistant Principal of Franklin-Simpson Middle School, gave a presentation on what she planned to implement from the National Institute for School Leadership.

"What we are looking to this year and what my project was is looking to add a summit class for our formerly identified gifted students as well as our high interest and performing students," Wolfram said.

Prior to the upcoming school year, they have been offering advanced math classes and language arts classes in each of the grades as well as advanced social studies in eighth grade and cluster grouped the gifted and talented students for wildcat period, which is extra time in math, science, social studies and language arts, she said.

Once the superintendent and staff reports were approved the school board went into the consent agenda approving several fundraising forms for the different schools in the county.

A request to approve the food service bid for the 2019-20 school year and the school fee schedules including textbook rentals was approved. The board approved a contract for a recruitment and family involvement specialist for the 2019-20 year.

They approved the facility usage fee for the 2019-20 year and amended the job description for a custodial services coordinator. Contracts for the Franklin-Simpson High School physical education teacher, FSHS Spanish teacher and Simpson County regional training center were approved.

The board approved an agreement with Community Living In Kentucky to hire an applied behavior analyst and a vehicle purchase for the Regional Training Center.

The last items on the agenda were the first readings of policy changes to absenteeism and sick leave donation.

Schlosser said the only change to absenteeism was to add a sentence about the consequences of missing too many days.

As for sick leave donation, he said the only change was that any sick leave that is donated to other faculty members would not be erased at the end of the year, but continue with the person it was donated, too.

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