Simpson County's own Dueling Grounds Distillery is officially a stop on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail Craft Tour.

"We are one of four new distilleries that came on board," said Marc Dottore, owner of Dueling Grounds Distillery.

The Kentucky Bourbon Trail Craft Tour is different from the original Kentucky Bourbon Trail, but both are sponsored by the same organization, The Kentucky's distillers Association.

A bottle of the distillery's Linkumpinch Bourbon was officially accepted into the Frazier History Museum on May 15 and Dueling Grounds Distillery joined The Kentucky Bourbon Trail Craft Tour on June 25.

"We are members of the Kentucky's Distillers Association and they are instrumental in helping put that together and supporting the Frazier (History Museum)," Dottore said.

Dottore said there is a total of 20 distillery's participating in the trail. The trail organizers came out with brand new passports and gifts visitors can receive after completing different sections of the trail.

The trail is divided into four sections Northern, Central, Western and Bluegrass. The Frazier History Museum is the official Northern kickoff for the trail, housing a bottle of bourbon from every current bourbon distiller, Dottore said.

"Being on the craft tour was part of the plan pretty much from the beginning," Dottore said.

The craft tour is what gave him the idea to start a distillery, he said.

The tour has specific guidelines that each distillery has to meet before joining as a location stop. He also did not want to join the tour until he had bourbon to sell in the store.

The first batch of Linkumpinch Bourbon was released in December 2018.

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"(The bottle) is a limited edition," Dottore said. "We just have maybe a dozen barrels this year that we are going to be able to dump. We will have a little bit more supply next year and each year we made a little more so we will have a little more, but right now it is just limited to Kentucky and Tennessee."

Dottore said he hopes being part of the trail brings more visitors to Franklin and Simpson County. Last year almost half a million people participated in the trail, he said.

"I feel like we are bringing a lot of people to the community from all over the world that would not have any other reason to stop here," Dottore said.

Dottore has plans to continue to grow the distillery and hopes that as the business grows so does the town, so they can grow together. He sees the distillery eventually out growing the building they are currently in, but does not see them outgrowing the town.

Dueling Grounds Distillery is located at 208 Franklin Bypass. For more information, call the distillery at 270-776-9046 or visit the website

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