Following a discussion of a proposed city-county garbage collection contract with Scott Waste, Simpson Fiscal Court decided July 16 to take no further action.

The proposed contract would combine city and county waste services under the county and extend the county's contract another six years or through June 30, 2026.

The city's current contract with Scott Waste is valid through July 2023.

If the contract extension is not approved the county could seek bids for a new contract in 2020. Though, if the contact extension were approved, Scott Waste's rates would not increase for the duration of the first two years of the extension. A rate increase would be capped at 1 percent below the annual Consumer Price Index Cost of Living increase but no less than 2 percent the third year. A rate increase would be the same as the annual CPI increase the final three years of the contract extension.

If the contract extension is not approved the rate would increase more than 3 percent this year.

Fiscal Court has already approved first reading of an ordinance combining county and city garbage collection services with Scott Waste.

A county ordinance must pass a first and second reading fiscal court vote and be published to take effect.

The Franklin City Commission has not taken action on the proposal.

Simpson County Tourism Director Dan Ware spoke to the court about a proposal for the county to charge a 4 percent fee for collection and remittance of the transient tax.

The fee would come from revenue generated by the tax that funds operation of the Simpson County Tourist and Convention Commission.

Ware said he received 30 responses from surveys sent to county judge executives across the state about the fee. He said five of the counties that responded have a similar fee ranging from one to two percent to four and one half percent.

Ware spoke against the proposed fee being four percent and said he believes a one or two percent fee is fairer.

Ware said at four percent the fee would generate $800 per month for the county to process 11 checks.

Simpson County Judge/Executive Mason Barnes said there was much more work involving collection and remittance of the transient tax than processing the checks.

Barnes said Ware's comments will be considered by the court before a second reading vote on the ordinance adopting the fee is held. Fiscal Court has already approved first reading of the ordinance.

Approval was given to an amendment to an inter local cooperation agreement with Warren County Fiscal Court regarding the Plano Fire Department.

The agreement and related ordinances makes the Plano Fire Department the first responder to fires in an area of north Simpson County within 5 miles of the Plano Fire Department Station.

The agreement was amended to include wording related to the Plano Fire Department establishing and maintaining a budget associated with becoming a first responder in an area of Simpson County.

The Plano Fire Department will charge residential, business and mobile home fire protection membership dues for the service.

Warren County Fiscal Court and the state department of local government must also approve the amended agreement.

Ordinances related to the agreement have already been approved.

Fiscal Court approved a budget amendment ordinance on a second and final reading vote. The amendment adds a $7,860 grant to the budget for the purchase of 12 body armor vests for the Simpson County Sheriff's Office.

The court also approved on a second and final reading vote an administrative code amendment ordinance. The ordinance amends the guidelines for seeking bids for purchases and contracts. It also changes purchase order guidelines.

The county's June 30 financial statement was approved, subject to audit.

Franklin-Simpson Planning and Zoning Administrator Carter Munday gave a report on planning on zoning office activity during the first six months of 2019.

And, county maintenance supervisor Bill Rohrs gave a report on repairs at the Courthouse Annex building.

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