To the Editor of the Franklin Favorite:

I am writing to urge all Simpson County voters to cast their vote for Judge Christopher Shea Nickell in the race for Justice of the Kentucky Supreme Court on the nonpartisan judicial ballot in the Nov. 5 General Election.

It was my privilege to serve as the circuit judge for Simpson and Allen Counties from 1989 through 2006, and to serve across the Commonwealth as a Senior Status Judge from 2007 through 2011. In the course of my judicial work I became well acquainted with Judge Nickell both personally and professionally. I am pleased to have him as a friend, and as a Kentuckian I am pleased to have had him serving us as a Judge on the Kentucky Court of Appeals for the past 13 years.

Judge Nickell has the temperament, intellect, integrity, maturity, and work ethic which are required to be an effective Supreme Court Justice. Moreover, his vast experience as an appellate judge will render him "job ready" for the Supreme Court from day one. He will be an excellent choice.

I encourage all voters to look for the nonpartisan judicial section on the general election ballot, and to vote for Judge Christopher Shea Nickell for Justice of the Kentucky Supreme Court.


Judge (Ret.) William R. Harris

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Estell Oberbrunner

Right, now the people of Simpson County are tired of traditional politician. I am glad that Aresearchguide helpful in homework. They know if they want change, they have to cast their vote new leader which is not been selected in the past elections.

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