Garden club rejuvenating post office landscaping

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The plan The Franklin Garden Club has in mind for the landscaping at the post office in Franklin.



The Franklin Garden Club is working on the Veteran Plaza project to help improve the landscaping outside of the post office and to honor veterans.

To raise money for the project the Garden Club is selling engraved bricks that will be part of the landscaping around the

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flagpole. The inspiration for the idea was the Blue Star Marker made to honor of veterans that the club sponsored at the Goodnight Memorial Library.

"The Goodnight Library is under-going renovations so we had to move it," said Janeen Grohsmeyer, president of the Franklin Garden Club.

They decided to move the marker to the post office in front of the flag, along with updating the landscaping which has been an idea of club's for a while.

"We wanted to have our Blue Star Marker be the focal point and from that we talked to a landscape architect and some other people with ideas to come up with the idea of creating a Veteran Plaza," Grohsmeyer said.

She said the plaza will resemble the Vietnam War Memorial with long skinny flowerbeds creating a "V" shape around the flag and inside would be engraved bricks with the names of people who have or are currently serving in any branch of the military. There is also an option to add a symbol or some type of art for a little extra money.

"Some of the money they pay goes to make the brick and then there is some left over, that is what we are using to pay the person and people who are going to put in the brick patio and pay for the rock and the sand and the plants when we get to the plant part," Grohsmeyer said.

Polar Engraving out of Naples, Florida is engraving the bricks so Grohsmeyer said it takes a while for the bricks to come back once they have been ordered.

The club has to place bulk orders instead of ordering a few at a time so they have to collect the orders until they have enough to place. The first order they placed was in mid-May with the deadline for the orders in April for 190 bricks.

Anyone who orders an engraved brick has the opportunity to double check the information before the order is placed and after the order is delivered.

"Once they show up and if we did make a mistake then we will replace the bricks," Grohsmeyer said.

Grohsmeyer said the first phase will be finished in July, but the club has to work with Custom Scapes LLC to complete the brickwork. Once the brick is laid down and cleaned up the garden club will come behind and put in the flowers and finishing touches.

"The plants have to be short, they have to handle hot and dry," Grohsmeyer said. "We want the plants to be Kentucky plants, that is a big push for gardens is helping native wildflowers and bees and butterflies."

The color scheme for the flowerbeds is red, white, blue and gold after the branches of the military colors.

Working on the flagpole is just the first phase of the project. The club is hoping that once people see the phase completed they will want to participate to help continue the other phases.

The company also offers 4 by 4-inch black tiles that will have the exact same information on them as the bricks for anyone wanting to have something to keep. Grohsmeyer said some people have ordered the tiles or just ordered two bricks, one to give to the club and one to keep in their own garden.

The cost of the bricks are $30, for an extra $5 artwork from the website can be added and the tiles are $20.To order, visit to fill out a form online or forms are available at the Goodnight Memorial Library, the post office, the Old Courthouse, find any garden club member or go to the Franklin Garden Clubs Facebook page for the form.

The deadline to order before the next shipment is Aug. 31 and the deadline after that is Jan. 10, 2020.

There will also be a dedication ceremony at the Veteran Plaza on Nov. 11, in honor of Veterans Day. Grohsmeyer said the ceremony is public to attend.

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