The Simpson County Historical Society has expanded its exhibits at the Old Jail since opening the new history center.

After moving all of the research and records over to the larger history center the historical society turned the former archive room at the Old Jail into the military history room expanding it from the second floor.

"We had military history upstairs, but it was cramped and we didn't have room to put anything else out," James Henry Snider, president of the historical society, said. "We left that room upstairs as the Civil War history because that has the civil war drawings on the wall and we couldn't move those very easily."

They also turned the kitchen, which used to be their workroom, into a vintage kitchen with an old stove, refrigerator and an old washer.

"We had a lady in here and she looked around and she said, 'I'll be back in a couple of hours. I've got a box full of stuff I'll bring down,'" Snider said.

He said it is interesting listening to what groups will say depending on the ages of the group. Older generations will remember the kitchen in their grandparent's house while younger generation visitors will ask what different things are.

The front room was turned into an old bedroom to reflect a time when the jailer used it as a residence.

"That is where they had a bedroom at one time," Snider said.

He said another addition is the making of a music room, which has


a square piano, a pump organ and a piano donated by James Mooneyhan that belonged to his grandfather when he was jailer.

Snider said the room also has information on the Johnny and June and Kitty Wells weddings.

Established exhibits in the Old Jail have recently had items added, while the Civil war room and the pioneer room are still upstairs for display.

"We still have a full load of museum [exhibits] and if people say I was in there five years ago, well it doesn't look the same as it looked five years ago," Snider said. "Everything in both buildings is still a work in progress because people are bringing items in to donate be they little items or big items."

The Simpson County Historical Society is accepting donations for exhibits and monetary donations to keep the buildings running and expanding.

For more information, call 270-586-4228. The museum buildings are located on North High Street in Franklin.

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