Deeds 7-27-15 to 7-31-15

Brad Perry and Courtney Perry to Clinton Hadden and Brittany Hadden, Lot 18 Briarwood Village Subdivision, $101,500;

Donald Craig Bean and Ann Lorraine Bean to Joe Neal Ballance and Patricia Ballance, property on Robertson Road, $129,500;

Ann Lorraine Bean and Donald Craig Bean to Patricia Ballance and Joe Neal Ballance, property with 3.49 acres in Simpson County, $15,500;

David M. Moore and Stephanie A. Moore to Derek B. Link and Jessica M. Link, 1.79 acres on Loving Chapel Road, $20,500;

Mary Elise Davison same person as Elise Davison and Nancy Thomas as POA to Clay F. Stinson and Willie E. Stinson, two parcels near Park Drive, $122,500;

Rita Shrull to Doug Marklin and Peggy Marklin, two tracts on Kentucky Route #383, $50,000;

Jeffrey Howard and Robin L. Howard, to Thomas Harney and Connie Harney, Lot 5 Millwood Estates, $75,000;

Stephen E. Deweese and Amanda M. Deweese to Robert Young Link as Trustee, two parcels near Hickory Flat Road, $0;

Robery Young Link as Trustee to Stephen E. Deweese and Amanda M. Deweese, two parcels near Hickory Flat Road, $0;

Vena D. Burden Webb to Richard Webb as Trustee, Pleasant Hill Road, $0;

Danny L. Neblett and Felecia Neblett, to Ryan J. Selk and Erica L. Selk, 0.62 acres on Broadway Avenue, $126,500; 

Deeds 8-3-15 to 8-7-15

Keith Honaker to Jordan M. Ford and Shari A. Ford, Lot 19 Sherwood Terrace Subdivision, $110,000;

Ronald D. Black same person as Ronald Black and Nancy Carol Black same person as Carol R. Black to Laura Black Cook, Betsy Black Mallory and Darrell Mallory, five tracts in Simpson County, $0;

Randy Mann and Anne Mann to Carie Elaine Jones and Phillip Reed Jones, property with 1.70 acres on C Mann Road, $0; 

Shirley Cook to David N. Gibbs, property with 2.42 acres on KY Route 73, $252,500;

Ruth Law to St. J Enterprises, INC, Lot 42 North Franklin Mobile Home Estates, $3,500;

St. J Enterprises, INC, to William J. Dillard, Lot 50 North Franklin Mobile Home Estates, $6,500;

James L. McGee and Mary A. McGee to Cozy Homes, LLC, property in Middleton Community Simpson County, $55,000;

Kathi Summers and Jerry W. Summers to Belvin Crouch and Naomi Crouch, Lot 18 North Franklin Mobile Home Estates, $1,000;

Michael D. Cliburn, Rosemary Cliburn, Charles A. Cliburn, Penny Cliburn and Edith Cliburn to Christina Guthrie and Byron Guthrie, property on Cardinal Drive in Austin Subdivision, $166,000;

Larry Brown same person as Larry Lane Brown and Judy Brown same person as Judy Carroll Brown to Christopher Alan Brown, 4.03 acres on Hack Brown Road, $0;

Clay F. Stinson and Emogene Stinson to Adam M. West, tract of land on Filter Plant Road with 0.248 acres, $120,000.

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