Local high school student featured in upcoming artist music video

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DaMyah Hopson, a 15-year-old Franklin resident, poses with upcoming Country Rap artist, Blanco Brown, on the set of his music video for “The Git UP.” Hopson said the entire video took around five or six hours to film with two wardrobe changes.

DaMyah Hopson, a 15-year-old Franklin resident and sophomore at Franklin-Simpson High School, appeared in music artist Blanco Brown's music video for his song, "The Git Up."

"It was just exciting, I got to meet everybody that was there and his crew," Hopson said. "He is very friendly."

Hopson started dancing at Southern Kentucky Dance Center when she was 8 years old.

"I was always in the house just dancing around, so I was like I want to try dancing at a real studio," she said.

Hopson said she loves to dance, though she is not currently dancing with a dance studio. She attends Area 54 in Franklin, Tennessee when she wants harder Hip Hop dance classes.

"You actually have to learn a dance in one day, in an hour and 30 minutes, so I like that type of challenge," Hopson said.

She has training in lyrical, tap and jazz dancing, but would like to learn ballet and ballroom dancing. She practices every day by learning a new dance, usually a hip-hop or jazz dance.

"It is just a way to express yourself and I love music so when I hear the music I just want to dance, so I just love to dance," Hopson said. "It brings out your feelings and your emotions."

She got involved with backup dancing with "American You" by Yelawolf along with appearing in two other

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videos before Brown's, "Twang" by Mason Ramsey and "Family Tree" by Caylee Hammack. Hopson said the artists were looking for dancers for the videos so she sent in a headshot and a video of her dancing.

Hopson said her dream would be to dance back up for Beyoncé or Cardi B, but right now all her video appearance have been in country music.

She also participates in basketball and track and field at the high school. She said they were both fun and something to do in her free time.

Hopson said she and some of the other dancers from Blanco Brown's video taught the dance at Lincoln Elementary and to the Middle and High School combined. The dance has sparked a "Get Up and Get It Done Tour" where dancers from the video teach the two-step to schools, businesses and at events.

"It was surprising because I didn't think a lot of people would come down and learn it, but when we went everyone came down," Hopson said. "Some people knew a different version so we split them up, so one of my friends taught the regular version and I taught the Tiktok version so it was cool."

Hopson teaches private lessons to a few members of the community. For one of her private students they couldn't get into the building so they ended up going to Harvey's Gym to practice. She now teaches a Hip-Hop class from 7:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. on Tuesday's. The class costs $5 and can hold up to 53 people per class.

Hopson said she does not have any up coming video appearances, but she will be teaching at Harvey's Gym every Tuesday. Also the next stop on the "Get Up and Get It Done Tour" is Hopkinsville, Kentucky's Christian County High School and Indian Hills Elementary School, the dates have not been finalized at time of press.

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