Since the Friday after Thanksgiving, a group of Franklin and Simpson County citizens have met on the corner of Kentucky and Main Streets to protest climate change and participate in Fridays for Future.

"People have to wake up and they have realize that there is no Planet B this is what we've got, we've got to look after it," said Frances Hain.

Greta Thunberg, a well-known teen climate activist, who went on strike for climate action, created Fridays for Future when she sat in front of the Swedish parliament every school day for three weeks to protest the lack of action on the climate crisis, according to the Fridays for Future website.

Nancy Thomas, who has been part of the Franklin branch of Fridays for Future since the beginning, said they will continue to stand outside holding signs until change happens.

"I think it is important for the children to know why we are doing this and about climate change because they are the ones that are going to inherit the earth after we are gone and there won't be much of a healthy earth for them to inherit," said Woon Yen Prall, who brought her twin 5-year-old grandchildren along with her son, to protest.

Hain said they are on the square to raise local awareness of the issue and to let people know they can help in their own way.

Prall suggested using cloth napkins instead of paper ones, taking reusable bags to go shopping and using the plastic bags like at Walmart more than once to get more use out of them.

Thomas has a hand out listing ways to become more climate conscious for people interested. The list includes ideas such as composting, recycling electronics, using compact fluorescent bulbs, turning off lights, using reusable water bottles, recycling, making homemade cleaning supplies and more.

Thomas said the goal is to get a Facebook page established, get organized and host community training events to spread awareness on climate issues.

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