The January and July 2020 terms of the Simpson County grand jury has issued its final report.

Simpson County grand juries normally serve six-month terms; however, the January 2020 term was extended another six months due to COVID-19.

The grand jury was in session five days, returned 279-indictments and nine No True Bills and remanded one case back to Simpson District Court.

No action was taken by the grand jury after a review of election materials from the November 2020 General Election.

No inspections of county-owned or city-owned properties were made by the grand jury. Such inspections are a matter of custom and are not required by law.

The January 2021 term of the Simpson County grand jury has been selected.

The 20 members of the new grand jury include Sonya Jean Burchett, Amanda Sue Campbell, Sharon A. Campshure, Adam P. Chadek, Beth Wims Dallas, Lorie Lynn Elikofer, Ruth A. Graves and John Ray Howard.

Others are Michael Duane Human, Linda F. Jennett, Adam Douglas Johnson, Ryan S. Johnson, Jill J. Kelly, Vanassa Darlene Pedigo, Bryce Douglas Roach, Lacy R. Samuel, Macie Alanna G. Scarbrough and Michael Jay Stewart.

Lucinda Jane Summers and John A. Thornton are also serving on the grand jury. The grand jury foreman and alternates were not available.

The January 2021 grand jury is currently scheduled to serve six months.

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