LifeSkills Inc. in Bowling Green received $491,818 to expand telehealth services throughout 18 rural counties in south central and western Kentucky, including Simpson County.

The federal funding, distributed by the Federal Communications Commission was made available by the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act.

LifeSkills can use the funding for technology, software and network upgrades to help provide assessments, therapy, medication management, and other behavioral health services to patients across the region.

Allen and Logan counties will also benefit from the expanded services provided by the funding.

U.S. Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky announced the funding.

“Innovative telehealth systems can expand the reach of a single medical professional helping Bowling Green and rural communities across the region receive access to health care during the coronavirus crisis,” McConnell said in a press release. “As the only congressional leader not from New York or California, I’m constantly looking to provide for rural America, especially Kentucky. Telehealth programs are an important way for people in these communities to access vital medical care, and I’m proud many of the leaders of this field are here in Kentucky.”

“We are very grateful for the funds awarded to our agency from the FCC’s Telehealth COVID-19 Program via the CARES Act,” Joe Dan Beavers, President/CEO of LifeSkills Inc. said in the release. “These dollars will help to equip over 400 clinicians across rural south central and western Kentucky with mobile, telehealth equipment. These tools will improve access for thousands of Kentuckians to support their mental health, receive treatment for substance use disorders as well as support individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. We thank Senator McConnell for championing the CARES Act and for its impact in the Commonwealth.”

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