Simpson Fiscal Court approved a franchise agreement with Charter Communications allowing the company to provide cable television service in rural Simpson County during the court’s Nov. 2 meeting.

Charter Communications will provide cable television to areas of Simpson County outside the Franklin city limits.

The non-exclusive franchise agreement is for 20 years.

A non-exclusive franchise agreement means another company can provide the same service in the area covered by the agreement. An agreement would also have to be approved before another company could provide the service.

The agreement between the county and Charter Communications is for cable television only. However; the company is among entities that are in the process of providing Internet service to rural Simpson County.

A link is available on the Mason Barnes Simpson County Judge/Executive Facebook page showing which entity is providing Internet in different sections of the county.

Also approved was second and final reading of a budget amendment ordinance adding $201,500 in revenue and appropriations to the county budget.

The amendment includes a $170,000 utilities assistance grant through the Community Action Agency to help utility companies recover payments not received during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The remaining $31,500 is from the Simpson County Jail’s Commissary fund for consultant contracts.

The court accepted an almost one half mile section of Mast Road near the Logan County line back into the county road maintenance system in its current gravel condition. Another gravel road, VFW Road off 31-W South, was dropped from the county maintenance system. Land on either side of the road has been annexed into the city limits.

And, U.S. Senator Mitch McConnell’s Field Representative Gilbert Mischel presented a copy of the official Congressional Record of the senator’s presentation to Congress recognizing Simpson County’s 200th Anniversary in 2019.

The copy is on display at the Courthouse along with other 200th Anniversary items.

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